Big Data Developer Conference, Santa Clara: Day 2 Highlights

Highlights from the presentations/tutorials by Data Science leaders from Cloudera, LinkedIn, Intel, MapR, Locbit and others on day 2 of Big Data Developer Conference 2015.

Reflecting on the initial choice of platform, Boain concluded by saying that they eventually want to switch to a model that uses MongoDB over Hadoop.

Sanjit Dang, Investment Director, Intel talked about Big Data trends and startups. Here are some key trends he shared during his talk:
  1. Industry specific vertical solution will be built
  2. Analytics everywhere and for everyone
  3. Sales and Marketing as a key power for Big Data
  4. Real-time big data will become ubiquitous
  5. IoT will drive the next wave of Big Data -> Edge Analytics
  6. Automation ETL
  7. New generation of data centers & Business Intelligence

Durga Gadiraju, a Big Data Architect and Consultant delivered a remote session showing how to convert NYSE raw data into dashboard using Hadoop ecosystem with no programming using SQL/Hive Query & Tableau. He formatted and uploaded NYSE data to Hadoop using Hue web interface. He performed processing and staging on data using Hive. Based on the outcomes, he generated reports and dashboard using Tableau Public.

Sridhar Reddy, Director, Solutions Engineering, MapR delivered a workshop on HBase. He gave a quick overview of HBase, the HBase data model and architecture. He gave interesting exercises and helped audience gain hands-on experience with HBase. He also gave a brief introduction to basic Java API used to perform CRUD operations on HBase tables. Finally, he explained schema design concepts for row key designs.

Highlights from day 3