HappyGrumpy – Free Twitter Sentiment Analysis and Data

HappyGrumpy has made available interesting data of Twitter sentiment changes and sentiment distribution around the world, by country, and over time.

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets.

Yuri Burger from Zoral Labs informed me that HappyGrumpy has released free access to interesting data - history of Twitter sentiment changes & sentiment distribution around the world, by country, and over time.

Happygrumpy World Sentiment Map, April 2015
Fig 1. HappyGrumpy World Sentiment Map, April 2015

The happiest (according to Happy - Grumpy sentiment levels) countries are Hungary (+47%), Czech Republic (+40%), South Africa (+21%), India (+20%), and Myanmar (+19%).

The grumpiest countries are: Philippines (-23%), China (-8%), Denmark (-5%), Russia (-5%), and Bulgaria (-4.5%).

Denmark is unexpected in that list, since it usually is described as a happy country.

US has 13% Happy tweets, 3.5% Grumpy, 83% neutral, and is among happier countries.

Here is a chart with sentiment levels over the last 60 days.

Happygrumpy World Sentiment over time, Feb - Apr 2015
Fig 2. HappyGrumpy World Sentiment over time, Jan 23 - Apr 23 2015

The happiest (%Happy - %Grumpy) days were Feb 14 (+10.7%), Valentine's day, and Apr 5 (??). The grumpiest days were April 15 (taxes due) and March 22.

(Note: a bug in HappyGrumpy which caused errors on the first and last days was fixed quickly after this post, and I uploaded an updated chart above which reflects corrected data).

This is an interesting data which is updated daily and is available in CSV format.

To download goto their homepage www.happygrumpy.com and click download icon on "HappyGrumpy World" or "HappyGrumpy Pulse of the World" chart.

You can also analyze individual twitter accounts for sentiments. Here is KDnuggets analysis, which gives a summary of "Happy" with a score of 22.
HappyGrumpy sentiment for @KDnuggets