Wharton Successful Applications of Customer Analytics Conf., Apr 30, Philadelphia

Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) helps define Customer Analytics, with conference dedicated to real-world applications that balance high-level rigor and business know-how. Case studies include Nielsen, Google, Cablevision, and MLB.

Wharton SACA 2015 Wharton Successful Applications of Customer Analytics,
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Apr 30, 2015

For more than 6 years, the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) has helped shape the definition of 'Customer Analytics.' This year's annual conference is dedicated to real-world applications that exemplify a balance of high-level rigor and business know-how, as well as elevate the role of analytics in an organization's strategic decision-making.

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Case studies include:
  • Nielsen: Reach, Resonance and Reaction: Measuring Advertising Effectiveness with Integrated Data
  • Google: Customer-base analysis using Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Google Play
  • Cablevision: Driving Television Innovation With Big Data
  • Santa Clara University: Cross Channel Effects of Search Engine Advertising on Brick & Mortar Retail Sales: Insights from Multiple Large Scale Field Experiments on Google.com
  • MLB.com: What are the best indicators of a baseball season seat holder renewing their season seats? Examining what types of data are the best predictors for likelihood of future purchase
  • Teradata Corporation: Making Customer Analytics Actionable