Best 5 minutes in Data Science, Season 1

Ingo Mierswa, Data Scientist and RapidMiner CEO, shares his thoughts about trends, challenges and opportunities in analytics and explains data science concepts in understandable and fun style, with help from a unicorn, a wizard, and other special guests.

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets.

Ingo Mierswa is a rare combination of a Data Scientist, a CEO, and an extrovert with a sense of humor.

I have enjoyed watching the recent RapidMiner series

Ingo Mierswa Unicorn 5 Minutes With Ingo, where Ingo, usually helped by his friend Unicorn Data Scientist number 7, explains the basics of predictive analytics and data mining in a clear but entertaining style.

The 14 completed videos can be considered as season 1, and there are plans for a more advanced season 2. The average length of 14 videos is actually 7 minutes, but a couple minutes of each video is just playing with unicorns and other pets, so you indeed spend only 5 minutes with Ingo.

As a data scientist myself, I could not resist doing simple statistics on those videos

Popularity of 5 minutes with Ingo episodes, Season 1

and the most popular ones are Understanding Support Vector Machines - below and Understanding K Nearest Neighbors Algorithms. Perhaps data scientists people love "Understanding ..." titles or may be those videos had an especially cute visitor? Judge for yourself.


The Season 1 videos cover these topics
  1. Challenges & Opportunities in Analytics
  2. Back To The Future
  3. Understanding K Nearest Neighbors Algorithms
  4. Overfitting & Outliers
  5. Calculating Training Errors
  6. Cross-Validation
  7. Accelerating Analytics
  8. Cross Validation in Practice
  9. Understanding Support Vector Machines
  10. Making Sense of Text Analytics
  11. Decision Trees
  12. K Means Clustering
  13. Removing Uncertain Predictions
  14. Naive Bayes