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Data Scientists Thoughts that Make Me Happy: Chris Wiggins

A Happy Data Scientist makes brilliant images for inspiring quotes by Chris Wiggins, NYTimes Chief Data Scientist - Enjoy.

By Andy Rey (Happy Data Scientist)

(Gregory Piatetsky, Editor: I love Andy Rey collection of Data Scientists Thoughts that Inspire, and here he also shows his excellent visual and humorous side by illustrating great quotes from Chris Wiggins. See also a short video at the end).

Chris Wiggins, @ChrisHWiggins, is a Chief Data Scientist at The New York Times & Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at Columbia University.

Chris Wiggins at Columbia


Chris wiggins Thought 3
Scientists are human beings too whether they know it or not

Chris wiggins Thought 4
The great thing about predictions is that you can be wrong

Chris wiggins Thought 5
The main driver of my ideas has been seeing people doing it "wrong"

Chris Wiggins Thought 6
The key is usually to just keep asking "So what ?"

Chris Wiggins Thought 7
The most exciting thing is realizing that something everybody thinks is new is actually really damn old

Here are these images accompanied by a lovely music:

Bio: Andy Rey is a Ukrainian PhD Scientist interested in Marketing Data Research based on Data Mining & Machine Learning Techniques. He blogs at Happy Data Scientist.


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