150 Most Influential People in Big Data & Hadoop

A list of 150 Most Influential People on Twitter in Big Data & Hadoop includes Merv Adrian @merv, Alistair Croll @acroll, Ben Lorica @bigdata, Paul Zikopoulos @BigData_paulz, Mathias Herberts @herberts, and Gregory Piatetsky @kdnuggets.

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets.

GreyCampus, a site which provides training for professionals, analyzed thousands of Twitter accounts to find the most influential people in Big Data & Hadoop, and compiled a list of top 150, based on their Klout score and their Social Authority score (Moz).

The word cloud from all 150 descriptions shows, not surprisingly, Big Data and Hadoop, as the most popular terms. Other important terms include Analytics, Apache, Engineer, Cloud - all very much associated with Big Data and Hadoop.

Greycampus Top Big Data Hadoop Word Cloud

Here are the top 20 and their short Twitter bio (Description).

1. Merv Adrian @merv, Score: 128
Description: Gartner analyst - Microsoft Lead, Hadoop, Big Data, NoSQL, DBMSs. Guitarist, husband, dad, dog lover.

2. Alistair Croll @acroll, Score: 127
Description: Writer, speaker, startup accelerant. Big Data, tech and business. Strata, Startupfest, Bitnorth. Wrote @leananalytics. Working on @tiltmill.

3. Ben Lorica @bigdata, Score: 125
Description: Chief Data Scientist @OReillyMedia. Director of Content Strategy @strataconf. Aspirant Parisien. Every Sunday is a Hack Day.

4. Paul Zikopoulos @BigData_paulz, Score: 121
Description: Award winning speaker & author (19 books, 350+ articles). IBM VP. Trying to be best dad I can be (no manual provided at birth). Opinions boisterous but mine.

5. Mathias Herberts @herberts, Score: 117
Description: Disruptive Engineer, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder @CityzenData

6. Gregory Piatetsky @kdnuggets, Score: 117
Description: KDnuggets President, Analytics/Big Data/Data Mining/Data Science expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.

7. Gil Press @GilPress, Score: 117
Description: I launched the #BigData conversation; writing, research, marketing services; www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/ whatsthebigdata.com/ infostory.com/

8. Tony Baer @TonyBaer, Score: 114
Description: IT analyst with Ovum covering Big Data & data management with some systems engineering thrown in. Views stated here are my own.

9. John Akred @BigDataAnalysis, Score: 113 Description: Data Scientist, Musician, Engineer, Analog Audio and Vacuum Tube lover. These thoughts are my own, but I love being CTO at Silicon Valley Data Science.

10. Jeff Kelly @jeffreyfkelly, Score: 113
Description: Industry analyst covering the impact of Big Data on the enterprise at @Wikibon.

11. Michael E. Driscoll @medriscoll, Score: 112
Description: Founder + CEO @Metamarkets. Investor @DCVC. I heart data, analytics, & visualization.

12. Ted Dunning @ted_dunning, Score: 111
Description: Committer on Apache Mahout, Apache Drill, PMC on Mahout, Zookeeper and Drill, Product Architect at MapR, ex-Chief Scientist at Veoh, Musicmatch.

13. Krish Krishnan @datagenius, Score: 110
Description: Big Data Evangelist, Data Scientist,DW SME. Author, Strategy Consultant, Speaker, TDWI Faculty, CTO

14. Dain Hansen @dainsworld, Score: 110
Description: Marketing Evangelist for Oracle. Passion for all things #Digital | #Cloud | #BigData | #PaaS | Foodie + Traveling Family Man. Views my own.

15. Patrick McFadin @PatrickMcFadin, Score: 107
Description: Chief Evangelist for Cassandra. Data Modeling. Operations. Architecture. DataStax. I travel the world educating and advocating.

16. Milind Bhandarkar @techmilind, Score: 106
Description: Data, Analytics, Parallel & Distributed Systems Practitioner. Opinions are my own, of course! RT != concurrence.

17. Beau Cronin @beaucronin, Score: 106
Description: I want to understand and build intelligence. Probabilist, computational neuroscientist, AI realist, wide-eyed VR schemer.

18. Michael Hiskey @mphnyc, Total Score: 105
Description: Coalescing the vapor of human existence into a palatable whole; outspoken purveyor of disruptive Tech: #BigData #Cloud #Analytics #BI. #BBBT Alum, #DataWrangler

19. Michael Cavaretta @mjcavaretta, Score: 105
Description: #DataScience Leader - Ford Motor Co. Opinions are mine. Top Big Data Influencer/Speaker - Leader of Big Data Drive

20. Arun C Murthy @acmurthy, Score: 105
Description: Co-Founder, @Hortonworks. Moving Apache Hadoop forward since day one, since 2006. Older soul on sports than tech.

Here is a full list of GreyCampus 150 Most Influential People in Big Data & Hadoop.

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