ebook: Learning Apache Mahout Classification

If you are a data scientist with Hadoop experience and interest in machine learning, this book is for you. Learn about different classification in Apache Mahout and build your own classifiers.

Learning Apache Mahout Classification Learning Apache Mahout Classification

Ashish Gupta
February 2015, Packt Publishing.

Build and personalize your own classifiers using Apache Mahout

About This Book
  • Explore the different types of classification algorithms available in Apache Mahout
  • Create and evaluate your own ready-to-use classification models using real world datasets
  • A practical guide to problems faced in classification with concepts explained in an easy-to-understand manner

Who This Book Is For

If you are a data scientist who has some experience with the Hadoop ecosystem and machine learning methods and want to try out classification on large datasets using Mahout, this book is ideal for you. Knowledge of Java is essential.