PAW Chicago: The Power of Predictive Analytics World – Why the buzz?

PAW for Business, the industry leading predictive analytics conference, will be in Chicago, June 8-11, 2015. Learn why there is such buzz about the conference and what people are saying about it. KDnuggets discount.

PAW Chicago

The industry's leading predictive analytics conference, Predictive Analytics World for Business is about to take place in Chicago in one month, June 8 - 11, 2015. Learn why there is such buzz about the conference and listen to what people are saying about it:

"Predictive Analytics World is one of the best analytics conferences I have attended. It provides rich analytics content and topics (and is very well run)."
Bin Mu, VP of Data Science, MetLife

"Predictive Analytics World is a hotbed of the best data scientists in the world where you get to see the state of the art application of the technologies."

Kleber Gallardo, CEO, Alivia Technology

"The sessions were extremely substantive and the speakers authoritative. [PAW] was head-and-shoulders above most other business conferences I've attended."

Chris Farrar, VP Data Analytics and Global Account Strategies, Docomo interTouch

"Predictive Analytics World does an excellent job of bringing together the cutting edge of analytics innovation along with clear case studies detailing real world analytics applications."
Mike Spadafore, Industry Principal, Automotive, Acxiom

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PAW Business is co-located with PAW Manufacturing, the eMetrics Summit and the Predictive Analytics Times Executive Breakfast. Discount applicable to conferences.

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