Strata + Hadoop World 2015, London, May 5-7, Watch Live

As Strata media partner, KDnuggets brings to you this opportunity to watch keynotes from Strata + Hadoop London live, May 5-7. Check the details inside.

You can watch keynotes from Strata + Hadoop World 2015, London, starting May 6 - see below.

Strata+ Hadoop WorldStrata + Hadoop World London,
5-7 May 2015
Forbes called Strata "mind-blowing." Attendees have called it "an incredible community of people working on big data," "an amazing event," and "by far one of the most interesting and informative conferences I have ever attended."

Livestream schedule

**Pending speaker consent** keynotes, tutorials, and breakout sessions, including sponsored presentations will all be recorded.

Training courses will NOT be recorded.

Onsite interviews with sponsors, authors, and other interesting folks will also be recorded.


The keynote presentations will be posted to the public S+HW playlist on the O'Reilly YouTube account; links to the video will be posted on the Home page as soon as footage starts to become available is available.

When will it be available?
Keynote presos will start to go up within 24 hours, barring any technical glitches. Footage will also loop on the website players after that first streamed block ends on Wednesday.

Also, KDnuggets Raffle for a free ticket to Strata Hadoop London was won by Nagesh Sarvepalli.

Here are important trends in Analytics, Big Data, Data Science in 2015, as given by Raffle participants.
  • The emergence of more Data Science Services firms
  • Continuing consolidation of the market - many companies have been acquired since late 2014 and this process will accelerate in 2015
  • Applicability of Deep Learning to wide classes of business problems (eg fraud identification)
  • The move of Apache Spark through the hype cycle, picking up vast amounts of ML functionality on the way (via MLlib)
  • Data Science focused cloud environments (AzureML is the tip of the iceberg here)
  • NoSQL dominating the world of databases
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data moving towards Cloud
  • Real time analysis of big data
  • Gamification of data exploration
  • Realtime Big Data Analysis
  • Streaming data
  • Combined analysis of linguistic and numeric data
  • Sentiment analysis