MSc in Data Science/Executive Big Data Analysis in Paris or Nice

Get MSc in Data Science or an MSc in Executive Big Data Analysis with DSTI intensive programmes in Paris or Nice campuses.

MSc Programmes - Data ScienceTech Institute

Data ScienceTech Institute
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Education & Careers in Business Analytics

Open your career path with International Postgraduate Education in Data Science and Big Data Analytics!

In partnership with and Gregory himself,
get ready to be amazed by our intensive MSc programmes!

MSc Programmes - Data ScienceTech Institute

Become a Data Scientist or a Big Data Analyst with our intensive MSc programmes

You are an IT/Computer Science, maths or physics graduate and want to become a Data Scientist?
Have a look at our MSc Data Scientist Designer programme: it's part-time in Paris and we help you get a position with our partners who would then cover your tuition fees!

You come from a scientific or a business and management background, and you need to widen your career opportunities with Big Data analytics?
Take a look at our MSc Executive Big Data Analyst programme: it's full time in Nice Sophia-Antipolis, with plenty of work placement opportunities!

Scholarships - Data ScienceTech Institute

Our Scholarships scheme

Under our equal opportunities and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, our scholarships are open to all nationalities and are single-handedly based on academical and/or professional merit.

There is one full scholarship per programme and several 50% scholarships per programme too.

Go and have a look!


A first glance at our amazing Faculty...

Faculty - Data ScienceTech Institute

The first wave of our professors has been carefully selected during our last Scientific Advisory Board meeting.

Check them out!


... And our inspiring Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker - Data ScienceTech Institute

Our Keynote Speakers, jointly selected by our Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Directors, will broaden our students' minds.

Check them out!


Get ready to innovate with our latest partners!

Partners - Data ScienceTech Institute

Data ScienceTech Institute is very proud of its partners network, showing how dedicated we are to our "Industry 4.0" philosophy. From SAS the multinational to ebiznext the pure player, don't hesitate to take a look at what they bring to our students.

And as we never stop seeking new alliances, here are the latest ones!

European Innovation Academy - Data ScienceTech Institute

The European Innovation Academy (EIA), founded by Alar Kolk who mentored the then young creators of Skype, is an extreme start-up accelerator welcoming hundreds of students every year in Nice Sophia-Antipolis. In three weeks, the young entrepreneurs will have to invent, create and sell a product or service to 1,000 customers!

Data ScienceTech Institute is proud to announce that its "Innovation Chair" will be funded by the EIA.

We will select our students with the best interests for innovation and entrepreneurship to be sent to their annual summer session, without any further fees!

Partners - Data ScienceTech Institute

Do we need to introduce NVIDIA and their mightily powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPU)? GPUs have attracted a very special interest in the Deep Learning community for their abilities to train artificial neural networks at a blazing speed compared to CPUs.

Data ScienceTech Institute is proud to announce that NVIDIA, thanks to Guillaume Barat and his team, will provide keynote speakers, professors and GPU hardware for the Deep Learning modules within our MSc Data Scientist Designer programme.


A warm welcome to Pr Jacques Blum,
our latest Scientific Advisor

Scientific Advisory Board - Data ScienceTech Institute

Just by looking at our MSc programmes, you know that Data Science and Big Data need and love applied mathematics.

As such, we had to find a mathematician who also had the love of applying his talents in their industrial applications.

Who else could it be than Pr Jacques Blum a CNRS Bronze medalist, Blaise Pascal and Seymour Cray awards recipient and Scientific Board Chairman for the High-Performance Computing Centre, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis

Jacques has dedicated his life to using mathematics for real-life projects: plasma physics for nuclear fusion, oceanography, meteorology, biology -you name it, he has unfolded his partial differential equations there!

You can find his mini-bio on our Scientific Advisory Board page and his full CV here.

Dear Jacques, it's a real honour for Data ScienceTech Institute to have you onboard, and dear Students, get ready to face his mathematics!


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