Webcast: Tech expert Phil Simon on exploring data

Phil Simon, award-winning author, talks about how data visualization can help improve data quality, promoting the exploratory mindset, telling good stories with data, and more. On demand webcast.

Analytically Speaking Featuring Phil Simon. Complimentary webcast.

The intersection of business, people, data and technology.

This is what recognized technology authority Phil Simon studies. He helps organizations navigate an increasingly complex business world by consulting on strategy, management, platforms, communication, big data and technology. Simon is the award-winning author of seven management books, including his most recent, Message Not Received. His book The Visual Organization covers how companies can use a new generation of tools and visualization technology, as well as foster a mindset of data exploration and discovery to gain a competitive edge.

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On the table for discussion:

  • How data visualization can help improve data quality.
  • Promoting the exploratory mindset.
  • The strategic role of smart experimentation.
  • Telling good stories with data.
  • The importance of culture in an organization.

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