KDD-2015, Sydney, August 10-12, Early Bird Reg Deadline June 30

KDD-2015, the premier international forum for data science, data mining, knowledge discovery and big data research and practice, will feature plenary presentations, paper presentations, poster sessions, workshops, tutorials, exhibits, and the KDD Cup competition. Early bird deadline is June 30.

21st ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery
and Data Mining (KDD-2015)

August 10-13, 2015, Sydney, Australia


Early bird savings registration deadline: June 30, 2015
Please become a SIGKDD member. Membership is a great way to stay connected and contribute back. Encourage students too, and help support their participation at KDD. Student travel awards are available. At $25 ($15 for students), just the discount (over $100 USD) on this year's KDD conference is worth it!The conference is yet to start but the conversations are ready to go on LinkedIn Group , Facebook page or Twitter handle (@KDD_News).

The 21st ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining will be held in Sydney, Australia on August 10-13, 2015. This is the first time for SIGKDD to be held in the southern hemisphere.

KEYNOTES, INDUSTRY & GOVERNMENT INVITED TALKS:KDD-2015 features an exciting program of 4 keynote addresses by leading authorities: Susan Athey, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Ronny Kohavy, and Daphne Koller. Industry and Government invited talks from recognized thought-leaders.


The conference will feature 160 Research Track papers and 68 Industrial and Government Track papers. In addition to oral presentations, all papers will be showcased during evening poster sessions. Full details available at: www.kdd.org/kdd2015/program.html


14 exciting workshops featured at KDD-2015 are:

  • Workshop 1: Workshop on Outlier Definition, Detection, and Description (ODDx3)
  • Workshop 2: The 2nd International Workshop on Data Mining for Brain Science (BrainKDD)
  • Workshop 3: Workshop on Learning from Small Sample Sizes
  • Workshop 4: Workshop on Connected Health at Big Data Era (BigCHat)
  • Workshop 5: Workshop on High Performance Graph Mining
  • Workshop 6: Workshop on Mining and Learning from Time Series (MiLeTS)
  • Workshop 7: Workshop on Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics (IDEA)
  • Workshop 8: Workshop on Issues of Sentiment Discovery and Opinion Mining (WISDOM)
  • Workshop 9: Workshop on Large-Scale Sports Analytics
  • Workshop 10: The 14th International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD)
  • Workshop 11: The 1st International Workshop on Population Informatics for Big Data (PopInfo)
  • Workshop 12: The 4th International Workshop on Urban Computing
  • Workshop 13: Workshop on Social Recommender Systems (SRS)
  • Workshop 14: The 4nd International Workshop on Big Data, Streams and Heterogeneous Source Mining: Algorithms, Systems, Programming Models and Applications (BigMine)



12 in-depth tutorial sessions to be conducted at KDD-2015 are:

  • Tutorial 1: VC-Dimension and Rademacher Averages: From Statistical Learning Theory to Sampling Algorithms. Matteo Riondato, Eli Upfal
  • Tutorial 2: Graph-Based User Behavior Modeling: From Prediction to Fraud Detection. Alex Beutel, Leman Akoglu, Christos Faloutsos
  • Tutorial 3: Data-Driven Education. Rakesh Agrawal
  • Tutorial 4: Dense subgraph discovery (DSD). Aristides Gionis, Charalampos Tsourakakis
  • Tutorial 5: Automatic Entity Recognition and Typing from Massive Text Corpora: A Phrase and Network Mining Approach. Xiang Ren, Ahmed El-Kishky, Chi Wang, Jiawei Han
  • Tutorial 6: Big Data Analytics: Optimization and Randomization. Tianbao Yang, Qihang Lin, Rong Jin
  • Tutorial 7: Big Data Analytics: Social Media Anomaly Detection: Challenges and Solutions. Sanjay Chawla, Yan Liu
  • Tutorial 8: Diffusion in Social and Information Networks: Problems, Models and Machine Learning Methods. Manuel Gomez Rodriguez, Le Song
  • Tutorial 9: Medical Mining. Myra Spiliopoulou, Pedro Pereira Rodrigues, Ernestina Menasalvas
  • Tutorial10: Large Scale Distributed Data Science using Apache Spark. James G. Shanahan, Liang Dai
  • Tutorial 11: Data-Driven Product Innovation. Xin Fu, Hernan Asorey
  • Tutorial 12: Web Personalization and Recommender Systems. Shlomo Berkovsky, Jill Freyne


KDD 2015 Early Bird Registration is now open.


We look forward to hosting you at KDD 2015 in Sydney, Australia!

Ankur Teredesai
Information Director ACM SIGKDD