New KDnuggets Section: Tutorials, Overviews, How-Tos

New category brings you explanations of Why Deep Learning works, Recurrent Neural Networks, using Ensembles in Data Science competitions, Visualizing your Facebook network, and more.

KDnuggets posts are assigned to one category, like Courses, Education, Meetings, News, Features, Opinions, Interviews, etc.

I was recently struggling to assign a recent post to the right category. It was not quite an opinion, and not quite about a publication, and not quite a software post.

RNN learns to paint house numbers
  RNN is learning to paint house numbers (Andrej Karpathy)
Then I realized that there is a perfect category for this post. In fact it was already the most popular category on KDnuggets - only it needed to be created: Tutorials, Overviews, How-Tos .

I hope that having this category will also lead to more submissions of interesting tutorials, overviews, and how-tos, to share with our audience of analytics, Big Data, data mining, and data science professionals, students, and researchers, over 150K unique monthly visitors and over 70,000 subscribers/followers.

I reclassified June posts that had the best fit for that category - here they are