Scala By the Bay (Aug 13-16) + Big Data Scala (Aug 16-18), Bay Area

77 best talks from the leading companies using Scala, Spark, and other Scala-based projects in production, including Twitter, Salesforce, Cloudera, Verizon, with innovative end-to-end pipeline training on Aug 16.

By Alexy Khrabrov.

The programs and schedules for Scala By the Bay (SBTB) and Big Data Scala By the Bay (BDS) 2015 conferences are announced and published:

Scala By the BayScala By the Bay, Oakland, CA, August 13-16, 2015.

Big Data Scala By the Bay, Oakland, CA, August 16-18, 2015.

There are 77 best talks from the leading companies using Scala, Spark, and other Scala-based projects in production, including Twitter, Salesforce, Cloudera, Verizon, Comcast, Spotify, Hootsuite, Typesafe, Databricks, Nitro, Liveperson, Tableau, and many others.

SBTB and BDS are separate conferences, with BDS expanding into data science and data management. They share an innovative end-to-end pipeline training on 8/16, when in one day, we'll teach hundreds of developers to build a web-scale startup on Mesos, Akka, Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra, taught by engineers from Mesosphere, Typesafe, Confluent, Databricks, and DataStax, respectively.

For the first time in the history of any of the Scala conferences, Twitter adds a whole Finagle Day to SBTB, teaching OSS developers the biggest real-time Scala stack in production via hands-on workshops taught by Twitter engineers, and a series of talks from Finagle creators and users inside and outside Twitter.

Big Data Scala By the Bay SBTB+BDS topics include higher-order abstractions for multiple application areas, data pipelines, "big" data analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, datacenter management with Mesos, and more. The key themes unifying both conferences is applying rigorous Functional Programming principles for DRY and elegant codebases that can grow with smart teams as companies go web-scale, and the emergence of Reactive Systems that replace ETL with common object models applied across all stages of an application - from API to message bus to real-time analytics. Several versions of the resulting "lambda architectures" will be presented.

Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, will keynote the By the Bay conferences for the first time.

Jonas Bonér, the CTO of Typesafe, is developing a completely new talk for Scala By the Bay, which he will keynote together with Dean Wampler, Dick Wall, Vidhya Narayanan, and Andrew Headrick. Vidhya leads the Verizon OnCue Scala team, with some of the highest concentration of FP talent in the world, and Andrew, formerly the Akka architect at Ticketfly, is now a CEO of InnoVint, a local startup managing wineries with Scala - proving we have the most fun local Scala conference.

Special thanks go to Cloudera, who crystallized the Big Data Scala conference, and whose Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Olson, will keynote it together with Martin Odersky, Matei Zaharia, Jay Kreps, and Debora Donato. Cloudera is backing Scala and Spark across the two key themes of Big Data Scala - end-to-end data pipelines in Scala and Data Science on the JVM. Big Data Scala includes several topics which are the focus of the SF Text, Text By the Bay, SF Spark and Friends communities (,,, respectively).

We had a record number of submissions this year and had to make tough choices to keep the conferences to two tracks each. This is the biggest and the best Scala By the Bay conferences we've put together so far.

Given the program is finally published, we're pushing back late bird to June 15th. We have about 400 seats capacity and a significant portion was already claimed even before the schedule was announced, mostly by folks returning from the previous years. All the previous By the Bay conferences sold out, and conferences will sell out quickly this time, so reserve your seat soon. We're welcoming sponsors, old and new, who get a block of seats as well -- email for prospectus. All 18 sponsors of the 2014 edition were hiring.

We have special programs for non-profits/making the world better kinds of projects, email if you use Scala for Good and want to attend SBTB+BDS, and get community support for your projects and teams (even teams of one!).

See you on the shores of Lake Merritt in August!