Getting Business Value from Real-time Streaming Analytics

Get the white paper to learn how real-time streaming analytics can add value to business, including what is real-time streaming analytics, its characteristics, best ways to use it and implement it.

Streamanalytix Value

Analysts believe that it has taken 15 years or so for companies to harness about 50% of the productivity potential of the Internet, and the next 50% of productivity gains likely require connecting things. The Internet of Things is causing an interconnected world where "smart" devices allow things and people to be connected from anyplace, anytime, with anything and anyone. However, the IoT data loses its value if it is not detected and acted upon immediately. That is where real- time streaming analytics can help!

Enterprises and IoT applications can benefit immensely from real-time streaming analytics by visualizing the business in real-time, cutting preventable losses, detecting urgent situations and automating immediate actions.

This white paper will help you learn how real-time streaming analytics can add value to business. Download it now to find out:
  • What is real-time streaming analytics?
  • What are distinctive characteristics of real-time streaming analytics?
  • How best to take advantage of real-time streaming analytics?
  • Recommendations on design, approaches and implementation of real-time streaming analytics

Many industry experts also believe that there is a need of streaming analytics platforms that provide development tools and processing capability.

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