Top /r/MachineLearning Posts, May: Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks, Time-Lapse Mining

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks, Time-lapse mining from Net photos, Deep Learning Textbook Part I, Kaggle R Tutorial, and Free Machine Learning ebooks.

Grant Marshall

In May on /r/MachineLearning we have an post on the effectiveness of neural networks, mining time-lapses from Internet photos, the first part of a new Deep Learning book, Kaggle's R tutorial, and a list of free ebooks for machine learning.

1. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks +181

In this post, the author introduces the concept of a recurrent neural network, then dives into what makes them so effective. He also provides some of the code used for this post here. This is an interesting post for those who are interested in a technical introduction to RNNs.

2. Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos +175

This post links to a new paper from the University of Washington about mining time-lapses from Internet photos. The system introduced in this paper automatically creates time-lapses from the huge quantity of available photos on the Internet. This is a fascinating read for anyone interested in mining data from photos.

3. Part I of the Deep Learning textbook is now complete - Version 19/05/2015 +127

This post contains the first part of a deep learning textbook in progress. Considering it is currently in production, the authors are looking for feedback from the community. So if you're interested in the book, give it a read, and send any feedback to any of the authors, Yoshua, Ian, or Aaron.

4. Interactive R Coding Tutorial on Machine Learning by Kaggle +100

This post is a tutorial put out by Kaggle to learn how to use R for Kaggle competitions. This tutorial is interactive, which is great if you like to follow along when learning a new programming language or ecosystem. Check this out if you're interested in starting with R or Kaggle competitons (or both).

5. Free Ebooks for Machine Learning +96

This post links to 12 different free ebooks for machine learning. These books range from broad to very focused, offering something for people of all skill levels. Give this a read and see if any of the books interest you.