3 Ways to Master Uplift Modeling

The hot topic of Uplift modeling (aka persuasion modeling) is covered in 2 sessions at PAW Business Boston, Sep 27 - Oct 1, and in a article by PAW Founder Eric Siegel.

Uplift modeling, also known as persuasion modeling and true lift modeling, is being adopted rapidly throughout various industries such as marketing, political campaigns and medicine, to name a few. Uplift modeling identifies individuals who are likely to be positively influenced by a treatment. This is a step beyond standard response modeling.

This hot topic is covered across two sessions at Predictive Analytics World for Business at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, September 27 - October 1, 2015 - plus, it is elucidated in an article by PAW founder Eric Siegel:
  1. SESSION: Applying Next Generation Uplift Modeling to Optimize Customer Retention Programs
    Presented by Dr. Patrick Surry, Chief Data Scientist, Hopper
    This session shows how the 7th largest mobile operator, Telenor, applied uplift modeling to optimize retention programs and improve results by 36% in comparison to traditional analytic practices. Discover how you can maximize results with uplift models, measuring the incremental change in behavior while cutting costs of retention programs.
    See the full session description.
  2. SESSION: Uplift Modeling and Uplift Prescriptive Analytics for Multiple Treatments
    Presented by Victor Lo, Vice President, Fidelity Investments
    This talk will review current uplift modeling methodologies, extend predictive modeling to multiple treatment situations, bridge the gap between predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics by introducing the mathematical problem for treatment optimization, and propose various solutions to both deterministic and stochastic optimization problems.
    See the full session description.
  3. ARTICLE: Personalization is Back: How to Drive Influence by Crunching Numbers
    By Eric Siegel, Ph.D., Founder, Predictive Analytics World
    In this article, Siegel explores what uplift modeling is, how it is different from standard predictive models, and why it is important. He also provides resources for learning from the success stories of uplift modeling deployment at well-known businesses.
    Read the article.

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