Book: Practical Text Analytics

New publication provides guidance on the application of text analytics for marketing professionals who must interpret results and apply them in their campaigns.

Practical Text AnalyticsPractical Text Analytics

Interpreting text and unstructured data for business intelligence

Steven Struhl
Paperback ISBN: 9780749474010, $34.95

eBook ISBN: 9780749474027; Kobo and Kindle

July 2015, 272 pages

Bridging the gap between the marketer who must put text analytics to use and data analysis experts, Practical Text Analytics is an accessible guide to the many advances in text analytics.

Dr. Jehoshua Eliashberg of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania finds it “a timely contribution” and “lucid discussion, highlighting the fundamental issues involved in preparing, analyzing, and presenting textual data for meaningful interpretations.” The book covers:

  • Capturing, sorting, sifting, stemming and matching words
  • Ways of corralling words
  • The many types of pictures and their uses
  • Clustering documents using words
  • Basics of sentiment and counting
  • Understanding predictive models and regression
  • What Bayes Nets are and how they compare with other methods

Dr S. Struhl  presents the process of analysis in ways that people who use the data need them, helping marketers clarify and organize confidently the confusing array of methods, frame the right questions and apply the results successfully to find meaning in any unstructured data. Including illustrations and charts, hints and tips, pointers, techniques and case studies, Struhl provides guidance on the application of text analytics for marketing professionals who must interpret the results and apply them in their campaigns.

About the author:

Steven Struhl PhD, MBA, MA has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and research, specializing in practical solutions based on statistical models of decision-making and behavior. Struhl also has taught graduate courses on statistical methods and data analysis.

He is currently Principal at marketing and analytics consulting company, Converge Analytic. In addition to text analytics and data mining, his work addresses how buying decisions are made, optimizing service delivery and product configurations and finding the meaningful differences among products and services.

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