Business Analytics & Business Intelligence Online Certificates & Degrees

Here's a comprehensive list of Online graduate degrees and certificate programs in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence along with their curriculum & program costs. Most of these programs also have partnerships with industry certifications by market leaders.

Table 2: Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence , listed in alphabetical order. Tuition fee may vary for resident/non-resident/international status.
Total Cost
Arizona State U., MIS Business Intelligence & Analytics Certificate [Curriculum]  Provides a broad overview of managerial, strategic and technical issues associated with Business Intelligence and data warehouse design, implementation, and utilization.  1 term  $12,072
Boston U. Applied Business Analytics Graduate Certificate [Curriculum]  Covers advanced software tools and functions such as predictive modeling, text and data mining, visual analytics, simulations, and OLAP tables.  1 term  $13,120
Colorado State U., Online Certificate in Business Intelligence [Curriculum]  Focuses on the latest techniques for collecting and analyzing statistical information, spotting trends, making projections, and helping to drive strategic plans to guide your organization to future success.  1 term  $6,000
DeVry U., Business Intelligence And Analytics Management Graduate Certificate [Curriculum]  Allows you to increase your proficiency in the methods and technologies you need to help companies gather, store, report and analyze important data that ultimately drives strategic business decisions.  1 years  $37,135
Hawaii Pacific U. Professional Certificate in Business Intelligence [Curriculum]  Involves IT applications, and practices for collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business data and information to gain insight and drive business planning.  1 term  $10,980
Marist College Advance certificate in Business Analytics [Curriculum]  Does not require a computer science or technology background and may be of strong interest to those students working in advertising and marketing, health care administration, business strategy, research, or finance.  1 term  $33,225
Missouri U. Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics & Data Science [Curriculum]  Program consists of 4 courses. Other two graduate certificates are Big Data and Security & Big Data Management and Analytics.  3-4 years  $14,335
Nebraska College Business Analytics Graduate Certificate [Curriculum]  Offers 4 courses namely Business Analytics, Econometrics, Strategic Database Marketing and Data Mining Applications.  1-2 years  $6,372
Northwestern U. Certificate in Analytics & BI for IT Professionals [Curriculum]  How to use new data acquisition technologies to enhance organizational effectiveness, customer service, returns on investment and a myriad of other business goals.  1 term  $12,600
Nova Southeastern U. Graduate Certificate in BI/Analytics [Curriculum]  Focuses on business intelligence and analytics, as well as data mining techniques for organizational decision making.  18 months  $11,090
Pennsylvania State U. , Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics [Curriculum]  Offered in partnership with the Penn State Smeal College of Business, you can learn from the same faculty who teach in resident programs at Smeal.  1year  $8,370
San Jose State U. , Online Business Analytics Certificate [Curriculum]  Offers 4 courses : Business Analytics, Business Research, Data mining & Simulation.  less than 1year  $10,200
U. of North Carolina at Greensboro, Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics  [Curriculum]  A partnership with SAS including resources for instruction and hands on projects with SAS software. Also have access to SAS products and materials through Teradata University Network.    $3,653.72
U. of Phoenix, Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics  [Curriculum]  Courses in this certificate can be used to help prepare for Oracle and SAS industry certifications.  9 months  $13,320
U. of Phoenix, MS in Information systems with Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics   [Curriculum]  Coursework is aligned with the following industry-recognized assessments: Siebel® CRM 8 Business Analyst Expert certification exam & SAS® Certified Statistical Business Analyst certification exam.  21 months  $31,080
U. of South Florida, Analytics & BI Certificate  [Curriculum]  Receive a "Joint SAS/USF Certificate in Analytics and Business Intelligence" when they use a SAS analytics package as part of some of these courses.  1-2 years  $9,600
U. of St. Francis Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics [Curriculum]  Offers 4 courses:Business Forecasting & Econometrics,Enterprise Resource Computing,Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Data Mining.  -  $8,760
U. of Washington, Certificate in 1. Business Intelligence: Techniques for Decision Making 2. Business Intelligence: Building Data Warehouse [Curriculum]  Gain an understanding of data collection techniques and principles of data analysis. Study data shaping and modeling, and learn to optimize storage solutions to align with business needs.   9 months  1.$3,147

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