IAPA Informed Australia roadshow with Data Scientist Patrick Hall

In 3 sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra (tickets free, but seats are limited), SAS Data Scientist Patrick Hall will provide an inspiring look into his team machine learning research and how it applies to industry.

Iapa Informed 2015
  • Sydney 12 August - Breakfast session
  • Melbourne 17 August - Evening session
  • Canberra 18 August - Lunchtime session

The focus of this event is understanding the role of the data scientist - from machine learning to neural networks.

Patrick Hall is a SAS Data Scientist visiting Australia and New Zealand from SAS world headquarters in North Carolina. His expertise is in advanced analytics, open source integration and machine learning.

Patrick will be hosting three roadshow sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, providing an inspiring look into the machine learning research his team have been conducting, and how they are working with industry to apply it in real world situations. His specific specialty is in neural network techniques. If this is an area you are interested in, then Patrick is absolutely someone you will want to hear from.

These are free sessions, but seats are limited. Register early to get your seat.