Consumer and Market Research Info Kit

JMP free info kit helps you determine the best ways to meet and shape customer needs. It includes a webcast interview on the Voice of the Customer, a chapter from "Numbersense" book, a demo on planning with predictive modeling, and more.

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Using analytics to meet and shape consumer needs

Using data to find and keep your best customers is not a new concept. However, the power to predict their behavior is based on the ability to successfully leverage not only historical information but incoming data from multiple channels. Whether your focus is introducing new products or services, positioning, branding, advertising, segmentation or promotion, how do you determine the best ways to meet, or even shape, customer needs?

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  • A webcast interview on voice of the customer with Rob Reul, founder of Isometric Solutions.
  • A chapter from Kaiser Fung's book, Numbersense.
  • A demo on planning with predictive modeling.
  • A story describing how a global grocery manufacturing and processing company cut data analysis time in half.

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