3 Reasons Big Data Projects Fail

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How to Overcome 3 Key
Big Data Challenges
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Everywhere you look, companies are relying on Big Data to help them make smarter, better informed decisions. In fact, three of every four organizations have or will invest in Big Data within the next two years.* Surprisingly, many of these Big Data projects will fail for three common reasons:

• They won't operationalize the results, often because they'll fail to put the data into a business context.

• Their traditional ETL systems will be unable to handle the complexities of Big Data.

• The project won't be linked directly to a specific business goal or issue from the start.

Learn how you can avoid these costly mistakes and help accelerate the transformation of Big Data to better insight in your organization.
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  *Gartner Survey reveals that 73 percent of organizations have invested or plan to invest in Big Data in the next two years, Gartner Newsroom, September 17, 2014.