Speaking Opportunity: Predictive Analytics World for Workforce

PAW for the workforce has been getting traction in recent times, if you are amongst those people or companies who benefitted from it this is your chance to present your insights. We have also provided few examples in the domain.

Calling All Predictive Data Scientists

Special Invitation for KDnuggets Subscribers:

Speaking Opportunity:  Predictive Analytics World – for Workforce


Greta Roberts (CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp.) is Program Chair for Predictive Analytics World / for Workforce.  She is designing the Agenda and Speakers for the April 2016 Conference and is extending a special invitation to KDnuggets subscribers to speak at this prestigious event.

If you have an interesting Predictive Workforce Project and would like to be considered to speak at this conference, please click here to learn more about the conference and submit your proposal bit.ly/CFPPAWWF16

Sample Presentation Ideas to Get Your Creative Ideas Flowing:

Case Studies:

  • Describe a workforce analytics project - challenges, methods, and outcomes
  • Refer to specific ROI and business value - that’s why you’re there
  • Always ideal to co-present with a customer/business user
  • Example: How Neural Networks predicted flight risk at Acme
  • Example: Predicting Top Performing Call Center Reps at Acme
  • Example: Challenges in Implementing a Black-Box Workforce Planning Model at Acme
  • Example: How one model saves Acme a million dollars a year

Best Practices:

  • Describe useful concepts for workforce analytics practitioners:
    • Example: How to talk about model validation to customers
    • Example: Why can’t you just give me the number? Complexity, HR, and Business Needs
    • Example: Recurring patterns in enterprise workforce data.
    • Example: Employee Performance: more than the annual review
    • Example: Is Employee Engagement predictive of anything?
    • Example: How to find executive sponsorship for deep dive analytics
    • Example: How to tell the difference between Fake Analytics, Real Analytics, and Academic Pipedreams

Technical Track:

  • Deeper discussions of methods and approaches to workforce analytics
    • Example: Algorithm Selection for workforce modeling
    • Example: Model thrashing vs. stability for real-life predictive implementation
    • Example: Using Graph Theory to evaluate job paths and succession plans
    • Example: Extracting a narrative from black-box models.
    • Example: What can workforce analytics learn from other analytics domains?
  • Example: Applying lessons from customer churn to employee churn

What’s In It for Speakers?

  • Opportunity to showcase your analytical talent to the marketplace
  • Chance to share your knowledge with other data scientists and business leaders at a prestigious predictive analytics conference
  • Have your interesting work highlighted
  • Free attendance (for you and your customer) at the conference where you can learn from other innovators in the predictive industry

Click Here to Submit Your Proposal: bit.ly/CFPPAWWF16

Proposals Due by: September 18

Last Year’s Inaugural Conference: http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/workforce/2015/