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30 Can’t miss Harvard Business Review articles on Data Science, Big Data and Analytics

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Here are 30 Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles on big data, data science and analytics that provide insights about the latest technology and happenings in the world of data.


  1. Simplify Your Analytics Strategy by Narendra Mulani
    Companies can get stuck trying to analyze all that’s possible and all that they could do through analytics. How to strategize to avoid this?
  2. Making Advanced Analytics Work for You by Dominic Barton and David Court
    Big data could transform the way companies do business, delivering performance gains. How to get the strategy suited to your needs?
  3. A Predictive Analytics Primer by Tom Davenport (Sep 2014)
    A brief read on predictive analytics with a focus on customers.
  4. The Persuasiveness of a Chart Depends on the Reader, Not Just the Chart by Scott Berinato (May 2015)
    What's more a better way to persuade people than visual information? An interesting read on how good is your data chart is based on the audience's understanding of it and cognitive state.
  5. Analytics 3.0 by Thomas H. Davenport (Dec 2013)
    A new resolve to apply powerful data-gathering and analysis methods not just to a company’s operations but also to its offerings—to embed data smartness into the products and services customers buy.
  6. What People Analytics Can’t Capture by Daniel Goleman (July 2015)
    The latest fad in human resources, using big data analytics and personality test scores to predict who is best for a given job – so-called “XQ.”. Do the scores capture accurately all the required skills?
  7. Gamification Can Help People Actually Use Analytics Toolsby Lori Sherer-(Feb 2015)
    You have to identify the right data and develop useful tools, such as predictive algorithms. But then comes an even tougher task: getting people to actually use the new tools.
  8. What Popular Baby Names Teach Us About Data Analytics by Kaiser Fung (Apr 2015)
    Find out what FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver and Allison McCann did with the baby names dataset sets an example for all data analysts. Their article represents the best of data journalism.
  9. A Better Way to Tackle All That Data by Chris Taylor (Aug 2013)
    Hampered by a shortage of qualified data scientists to perform the work of analysis, big data’s rise is outstripping our ability to perform analysis and reach conclusions fast enough.

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