Build Real-time Streaming Apps in Minutes with Free Versions of StreamAnalytix

Check free and trial Versions of StreamAnalytix, enterprise-class streaming analytics platform, which enable acceleration of real-time analytics.

Family of Free and Trial Versions Enable Acceleration of Real-time Analytics

Businesses are under pressure to get applications out quickly and that means they benefit from having real-time streaming analytics as a way of cutting preventable losses, gaining operational insight and uncovering new business opportunities.

Impetus Streamanalytix Free Version

Big Data specialist Impetus Technologies is helping developers do this by having launched free versions of StreamAnalytix, its enterprise-class, real- time streaming analytics platform, based on open source technologies.

The free product comes in three flavors:
  • StreamAnalytix Lite: A production-ready (unlimited scale, limited functionality) version of StreamAnalytix for developers for developing real-time streaming analytics applications free of cost.
  • StreamAnalytix Developer: Free, one-year trial of 'StreamAnalytix Enterprise' with all features included and scale limited to a maximum of eight processing cores of Apache Storm.
  • StreamAnalytix Sandbox: Free, fully functional ready-to-use one-year pre-licensed version of 'StreamAnalytix Enterprise' packaged in a format that you can get up and running in minutes.

In addition to these, Impetus Technologies has also made available a 60-day trial of its flagship StreamAnalytix Enterprise Edition, the commercial version of the platform, allowing full functionality and at-scale usage of the platform.

Use cases enabled by StreamAnalytix range across industry verticals from Internet of Things, e-commerce, Internet advertising, customer experience, security, fraud, insurance claims processing, call centre analytics, log analytics and many more.

Experience StreamAnalytix in action first-hand and for free!

All three versions are available for download here: