A New MOOC on Strategic Business Analytics

Coursera and ESSEC Business School launch a MOOC on how to create value from data to solve business issue. It focuses on 4 sets of skills: analytics, IT, business, and communication.

By Nicolas Glady, (ESSEC Business School)

Data Analytics is, without a doubt, a fashionable topic which may be useful for your career. But, too often, existing trainings are focusing on technicalities and algorithmic questions, whereas the business world is interested in practical business questions…

In contrast, the focus of this MOOC is to create value by making actionable recommendations based on data analysis to solve business issue. For each topic, we present the « out-of-the-box » libraries that can be used quickly to produce relevant insights. What does a significant factor mean in practice? If we see a pattern in the data, what can we do with it? How to interpret your results and what are the conclusions? Those are the type of questions we’ll be focusing on.

We also focus on data-driven presentation and communication skills. After analysing the data, if you want your recommendations to be impactful, it needs to be adopted by the different stakeholders of your company or organisation. Hence, we’ll also discuss how to present data analytics results in a convincing and impactful way.

We expect the participants to have a sufficient level of R programming skills. But if we won’t detail how the R libraries work, we still do provide scripts and examples that are replicable for the participants. You will be able to produce quickly the desired outputs.

That’s why this course is articulated around four core skills development:

  1. Analytics in the strict sense: we want you to be able to produce relevant statistics
  2. To do so you need IT skills. In this course we’ll focus on R but our program goes way beyond the usage of a mere programming language. As explained before what we want is really to focus on
  3. The Business. We’ll cover many functional domains and relate our analysis to business issues and solutions. But for those solutions to be accepted by the different stakeholders you need
  4. Communication Skills: you need to be able to express complex ideas in simple terms and to adopt the right format to the right audience.

Those are actually consulting skills. Later in this specialisation, you’ll actually have the opportunity to be exposed to worldwide-level expert consultants from Accenture. And we want you to be able to start your journey as a world-class Business Analytics consultant right now!

You can enroll for free here.


Bio: Nicolas Glady is a Full Professor at ESSEC Business School, the Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair holder and the Director of the Center for Digital Business. He teaches Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy and Big Data Analytics in the Master in Management (Grande Ecole), the PhD program and in Executive Education. He has been identified as one of the best 40 under 40 B-school professors in the world by the journal Poets&Quants.