New KDnuggets Homepage with 2 new dynamic sections

New KDnuggets homepage includes 2 new dynamic sections, one which shows top stories from last week and second which shows latest stories in 5 different sections. Your suggestions for further improvement are welcome.

I am pleased to introduce the new KDnuggets home page which has a lot more dynamic information.

Above the homepage ads there is a redesigned 2-column Directory area which has links to all key KDnuggets sections (that part used to take the entire bottom part of the KDnuggets homepage). The third column has 5 latest News and Stories.

Kdnuggets Top Homepage 2015

Below the homepage ads, there are 2 new columns:

Kdnuggets Dynamic Homepage 2015

Left column has top stories last week (most viewed and most shared), and is updated weekly

2nd column has latest stories in 5 groups:
  • News, Software, Tutorials
  • Opinions, Interviews, Reports
  • Courses, Meetings, Webcasts
  • Jobs
  • Publications, Top Tweets and is updated dynamically (using PHP code I wrote) when a new story is published.

3rd column has latest KDnuggets tweets and is updated dynamically whenever there is a new tweet.

KDnuggets homepage does not have fancy animations, but it loads quickly and I hope it is now better at bringing you interesting and relevant content from the world of Big Data and Data Science.

Your comments and suggestions for further improvement are most welcome (especially if they involve changes that can be done quickly) - what would you like to see on KDnuggets homepage?

If you are nostalgic for the old static design, you can find it at