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90+ Active Blogs on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning

Stay on top of your data science skills game! Here's a list of 90+ active blogs on Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence.

Active & regularly updated blogs listed below in alphabetical order. Explore KDnuggets site articles through the tags on this word cloud!

Blogs-data-science-big-data-analytics Big data Data Science R Predictive Analytics Data Mining Business Analytics Text Analytics deep learning Analytics data scientist neural networks statistics machine learning python tableau interview
  • Analytics Vidhya blog on development of analytical skills, analytic industry best practices, and more.
  • Ann Maria's Blog, by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, President of the online statistics education company The Julia Group.
  • Anil Batra's Web Analysis (Analytics), Online Advertising and Behavioral Targeting blog
  • Business. Statistics. Technology, by Galit Shmueli, Professor of Statistics at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India.
  • Beyond the Box Score A blog using statistics to analyse the game of baseball.
  • Blog About Stats By Armin Grossenbacher, a network for professionals mainly of statistical institutions.
  • CoolData By Kevin MacDonell on Analytics, predictive modeling and related cool data stuff for fund-raising in higher education.
  • Cloud of data blog By Paul Miller, aims to help clients understand the implications of taking data and more to the Cloud.
  • Calculated Risk, Finance and Economics
  • Data Mining Research blog by Sandro Saitta on data mining research issues, recent applications, important events, interviews with leading actors, current trends, book reviews, etc
  • Data Science 101 by Ryan Swanstrom on becoming a data scientist.
  • Data Science London on latest trends and research in data science.
  • Data Science Renee, by Renee M. P. Teate, on becoming a data scientist.
  • Data Tau a list of interesting articles submitted by readers.
  • DecisionStats by Ajay Ohri, founder of DECISIONSTATS and author of "R for Business Analytics" and "R for Cloud Computing".
  • DiffusePrior by Alan Fernihough, on using R in econometric research.
  • Domino Data Lab on startups, data science, R and Python.
  • Data Scientist Journey Open source data science masters
  • Data Genetics
  • Deep Data Mining Blog, mostly focused on technical aspect of data mining, by Jay Zhou.
  • Edwin Chen's by Edwin Chen, writes about math, machine learning, and data science.
  • EMC Big data blog, by Mona Patel, big data solutions marketing at EMC
  • Error Statistics Philosophy by Virginia Tech statistical philosopher Deborah G. Mayo
  • Facebook Data Science Blog, the official blog of interesting insights presented by Facebook data scientists.
  • FiveThirtyEight, by Nate Silver and his team, gives a statistical view of everything from politics to science to sports with the help of graphs and pie charts.
  • Freakonometrics Charpentier, a professor of mathematics, offers a nice mix of generally accessible and more challenging posts on statistics related subjects, all with a good sense of humor.
  • Freakonomics blog, by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.
  • FastML, covering practical applications of machine learning and data science.
  • FlowingData, the visualization and statistics site of Nathan Yau.
  • Geeking with Greg, exploring the future of personalized information.
  • Harvard Data Science, thoughts on Statistical Computing and Visualization.
  • Hyndsight by Rob Hyndman, on fore­cast­ing, data visu­al­iza­tion and func­tional data.
  • IBM Big Data Hub Blogs, blogs from IBM thought leaders.
  • Insight Data Science Blog on latest trends and topics in data science by Alumnus of Insight Data Science Fellows Program.
  • Information is Beautiful, by Independent data journalist and information designer David McCandless who is also the author of his book 'Information is Beautiful'.
  • Information Aesthetics designed and maintained by Andrew Vande Moere, an Associate Professor at KU Leuven university, Belgium. It explores the symbiotic relationship between creative design and the field of information visualization.
  • Inductio ex Machina by Mark Reid's research blog on machine learning & statistics.
  • Jonathan Manton's blog by Jonathan Manton, Tutorial-style articles in the general areas of mathematics, electrical engineering and neuroscience.
  • JT on EDM, James Taylor on Everything Decision Management
  • Justin Domke blog, on machine learning and computer vision, particularly probabilistic graphical models.
  • Juice Analytics on analytics and visualization.
  • Kaggle blog "No Free Hunch", covering Kaggle data science and machine learning competitions
  • Love Stats Blog By Annie, a market research methodologist who blogs about sampling, surveys, statistics, charts, and more
  • Learning Lover on programming, algorithms with some flashcards for learning.
  • Large Scale ML & other Animals, by Danny Bickson, started the GraphLab, an award winning large scale open source project
  • MarkTab Data Mining blog.
  • MineThatData Blog by Kevin Hillstrom, views on Multichannel Marketing and Database Marketing.
  • MDMgeek Blog by Prashant Chandramohan, on data management.
  • Magnus Notitia, by Tevfik Kosar on Big data and beyond, data intensive scientific thought.
  • Meta Analysis with a wide range of categories to explore! Analytics You Can Take to the Bank – Meta S. Brown on Predictive Analytics
  •, a compilation of links and news for Data Mining geeks.
  • Machine Learning Mastery by Jason Brownlee, on programming & machine learning.
  • Machined Learning by Paul Mineiro, from Microsoft Cloud & Information Services Lab
  • Nuit Blanche by Igor Carron, focuses on Compressive Sensing, Advanced Matrix Factorization Techniques, Machine Learning.
  • Numbers rule your world, by Kaiser Fung

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