New Books on Accelerating Discovery, Event Mining, Networking for Big Data

New books cover important Data Science topics, including Mining Unstructured Information for Hypothesis Generation, Event Mining, and Networking for Big Data. Use GZP42 to save 20%.

New Titles from Chapman & Hall/CRC Press

Book Crc Accelerating Discovery

As the volume of scientific data and literature increases exponentially, scientists need more powerful tools and methods to process and synthesize information and to formulate new hypotheses that are most likely to be both true and important.

Accelerating Discovery: Mining Unstructured Information for Hypothesis Generation describes a novel approach to scientific research that uses unstructured data analysis as a generative tool for new hypotheses

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Book: Event Mining

Event mining encompasses techniques for automatically and efficiently extracting valuable knowledge from historical event/log data. The field, therefore, plays an important role in data-driven system management.

Event Mining: Algorithms and Applications presents state-of-the-art event mining approaches and applications with a focus on computing system management.

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Book: Networking Big Data
Networking for Big Data
supplies an unprecedented look at cutting-edge research on the networking and communication aspects of Big Data. Starting with a comprehensive introduction to Big Data and its networking issues, it offers deep technical coverage of both theory and applications.

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