KDnuggets Milestone: 200,000 unique visitors

KDnuggets passes an important milestone - 200,000 unique visitors. How did we do it?

When I sent the very first KDnuggets email to about 50 researchers who attended KDD-1993 workshop, I could not imagine that I would still be publishing KDnuggets today, 22 years later.

I certainly could not imagine the popularity it achieved. Google Analytics report for September 2015 shows amazing 252,649 users (unique visitors). Figure 1 below charts the growth in KDnuggets visitors and subscribers/followers since 2011.

KDnuggets Audience 2011 2015
Fig. 1: KDnuggets Audience Growth, Unique Monthly Visitors and Subscribers, 2011-2015.

What was so popular in September? Check Top stories in September: 60+ Free Books on Big Data, Data Science; The one language a Data Scientist must master. If that is not enough, here are all 104 KDnuggets stories in September 2015!

Check also KDnuggets Tags: the most popular ones are Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Scientist, Deep Learning, and Hadoop.

The overlapping fields of Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, and Machine Learning have many publications, lots of LinkedIn Groups, plenty of blogs, Twitters, and other social media.

Our goal is to be an expert curator of the field and bring you a few relevant and interesting posts each day.

KDnuggets went thru many changes, from mainly research-oriented, mainly a directory of data mining software to a current industry-oriented focus on news, opinions, and tutorials to help new and experienced Data Scientists to do their work better.

However, we have good connections with the research community and use them to bring you interesting posts on the most important Big Data and Data Science technology trends like Apache Spark (check our interview with Matei Zaharia, the creator of Spark) and Deep Learning (check our interview with Yann LeCun, one of the leaders of Deep Learning research).

Check also KDnuggets most popular sections on Software, News (including Top stories), Jobs and Academic positions, Companies, Courses, Datasets, Education, Meetings , and and Webcasts .

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Publishing KDnuggets was a lot of work, but I am very grateful for help and encouragement from many friends and colleagues over the last 20 years.

I am also proud to have an excellent team of young Data Scientists which currently works on KDnuggets, including Anmol Rajpurohit, Zachary Lipton, Devendra DeSale, Bhavya Geethika Peddibhotla, Matthew Mayo, and Jim O'Donoghue.