Explaining Analytics to Decision Makers: Insights to Actions

Communicating the value of analytics work requires different tools and skills than building predictive models, but you need to master these tools to have your work implemented.

SAS Communicating the value of your work requires a different set of tools than those you use to develop your work. But these are tools you must master in order to obtain buy-in and ultimately have your work implemented.

Explaining Analytics to Decision Makers: Insights to Actions, provides an explicit framework and process for explaining analytics to people throughout an organization.

Learn how to
  • Get your best work recognized and used.
  • Anticipate and deal with common issues in sharing analytics.
  • Think through communication challenges and develop a framework to solve them.
  • Develop a purpose that will drive the whole process of explaining analytics.
  • Build confidence in your abilities through purpose and planning.

Presenter Jeff Zeanah Jeff Zeanah shares why he developed this new class in a recent blog. This course is part of the SAS Business Knowledge Series.

Dates and Locations
  • Nov. 9-10, 2015: New York, NY
  • Feb. 24-25, 2016: Washington, DC

Course fee: $1,650

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