Data By the Bay: Data Science and Engineering in Four Directions

The main goal of Data By the Bay is connecting the best data engineers, data scientists and data-driven startup leaders with each other. Co-located conferences will focus on Data, Text, Democracy, AI and IoT, and Life Sciences, May 17 - 20, 2016.

By Alexy Khrabrov.

Data By The Bay
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Last year, we started with a two-day, three-track, 50-talk conference, called Text By the Bay. We've put together an inspiring program centered around language, Big Data, text and images, deep learning, UI, social networks, and much more.This year, we're doubling the days and quadrupling the themes. There will be four days, each a separate conference, thematically and spatially connected.

The main goal of Data By the Bay is connecting the best data engineers, data scientists and data-driven startup leaders with each other. Engineers and scientists build scalable open-source data pipelines that startups and enterprises can take to production quickly, and that they can learn and improve. In return, web-scale production leads to massive datasets and use cases improving the software and pushing frontiers of science.

This is the umbrella event for the four separate conferences. They follow one another and all run in the same conference center. The CFP allows to check several applicable conferences. There will also be discounts for multiple attendance.

What is special about Data By the Bay? How does our approach to a data-centric conference differ from various other meetings, summits, etc.?

At the Text By The BayText By the Bay conference, multiple people said that was the best data engineering conference they've attended. The talks were all technical and contained educational as well as business value. There is a mix of 40 minutes and 20 minutes talks, and the panels elicited great insights, as well as motivation, and even inspiration, stemming from deep questions.

Great talks By the Bay have the following features:

  •  Close to code -- live coding, code snippets, github repos are our friends
  •  Close to data -- public datasets, examples of data, data insights
  •  Close to business -- your startup depends on it, and you're proud of it -- share it!
  • Close to people -- great stuff is shareable, and great makers make great speakers. Let's connect around our interests!

Key Dates:

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