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Divergence Academy has multiple Big Data, Data Science, and Machine learning programs geared for the working professional, those in transition or student with programming skills, and help you get placed in DFW or another area.

Divergence Academy has several programs to choose from geared for the working professional, those in transition or student with programming skills. We invite you to level up your skill set and career earning potential through a practical introduction to the interdisciplinary field of data science and machine learning, which is at the intersection of computer science, statistics and business.

divergence-academy-1A great choice for beginners is our 6 week data science course that includes Big Data on Spark, Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning. You will learn tools and techniques to solve real world problems in public open data and private industry specific domains. At completion of course you will be able to clean and parse large sets of data using Python, know the appropriate modeling technique to apply to your data, apply probability and statistics concepts to create and validate predictions about your data, programmatically create predictive data models using machine learning techniques, and be able to communicate your results to an appropriate audience.

A significant portion of the course will be a hands on approach to the fundamental modeling techniques and machine learning algorithms that enable you to build robust predictive models about real world data and test their validity. You will also gain practice communicating your results and insights about how to build systems that are more intelligent using the data that you have gathered. Recommender systems are used to predict the best products to offer to customer. These systems have become extremely popular in virtually every single industry, helping customers find products they’ll like. Most people are familiar with the idea, but nearly everyone is exposed to several forms of personalized offers and recommendations each day (Google search ads being among the biggest source).

Building recommendation systems is part science, part art, and many have become extremely sophisticated. Such a system might seem daunting for those uninitiated, but it's actually fairly straight forward to get started if you're using the right tools and techniques. Apply for the 6 week data science course today at Divergence.Academy and get started on your new career!

Are you ready to own your data science career? Do you find yourself having creative thoughts on applying data to solve business problems and want to prove your knowledge and grow into a lead data scientist role?

divergence-academy-2Divergence.Academy 12 week Immersive Program is very rigorous and this allows us to sleep soundly at night knowing that our graduates haven’t just learned the tools and techniques that data scientists use but by the time they leave the classroom, our graduates are data scientists. Take the Immersive, and you will be ready to approach the problem space in your new career and assemble the suite of tools and methods to answer insightful questions and communicate comprehensible results. You will be competent, capable, confident and ready to work.

You will complete 9 projects and a capstone in the Immersive course. Data science projects at Divergence.Academy are focused on developing and deploying predictive models in production. While the topics in the class cover statistical modeling for explanation, the intent is to have students be ready for real world application where they are constantly making trade off decisions. The immersive program considers the tradeoffs as dimensions of business domain, design, data, algorithms, tools, and communication. Each module covers certain content from several dimensions which are reinforce in that module’s project.

divergence-academy-3The Divergence Academy team understands that it takes more than just technical prowess to advance your career. From the start we will work with you on the essentials, an attractive resume and All-Star Linked IN profile. Fast track forward, our goal is to enhance your career options through mentorship with a data scientist, career coach, and lessons in branding your most important asset, “you”. We will work together to define a career program specifically for you, that is based on an assessment of your technical talent, communication skills, and corporate presence. With over 784 data science jobs advertised in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex today, we will help you get placed in DFW or another area of your liking.

Classes are forming now! Career Services and Financing are available. Divergence Academy is a private institution approved to operate by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools & Colleges.


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