Online Privacy – Why the Odds are Against You?

Infographic on Data Brokers explains how personal information is collected and sold, leaving people with few options to opt-out of it.

online_privacyWith every other day of disruptive innovations, breakthrough technology solutions and creative business models, the dream of online privacy keeps slipping further away from us. The financial incentives for collecting such personal information have led to a strong growth in such activities and rise of startup companies based on selling such data.

Today, Data Brokerage is a well-established business catering to the needs of a vast range of industries ranging from retail to finance. What all types of data is being collected by these data brokers? How do data brokers put a price tag on the personal information of people? What kind of personal information is valued the most?

On the other hand, how much do people value their online privacy? Would they be willing to spend some money to maintain privacy? With whom do they feel comfortable sharing such personal information and in return for what?

The following infographic from MBA@UNC, provides simplified insights on these key questions:

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