Data Science Cartoon Contest has 3 winners

Data Science Cartoon Contest shows the diversity of different approaches to the trend prediction problem.

Predicting behavior on the internet is tricky, so as a data scientist, I believe in doing experiments, even when I am pretty sure about the results. I was doubtful that there will be many entries for KDnuggets Thanksgiving Cartoon Caption contest, and indeed I only got 3 submissions for the caption for this cartoon:

KDnuggets Cartoon Caption Contest

However, all 3 were good! I declare all 3 submissions winners, with the main prize being satisfaction of being the funniest KDnuggets readers.

Mike Murray:
It looks like we'll have to continue this discussion upstairs, Bob

Guoda Taraskeviciute:
Ouch, I forgot to normalize that data!

Paul Steckler:
The danger of overfitting the mortality training data shows up come November.

The original caption on this cartoon was a play on Google Trends:
Turkey Data Scientist: "I don't like the look of this.

Searches for gravy and turkey stuffing are going through the roof!"