Vincent Granville Predictions for Data Science in 2016 and Beyond

Data science and statistical modeling will be further automated; frontiers between data science, operations research, Machine Learning will disappear, and more.

Here are some of the predictions for 2016 and beyond from Vincent Granville, founder of Data Science Central.
  • Vincent Granville and DaughterData science and statistical modeling will be further automated, with better black-box products
  • Frontiers between data science, operations research, machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics, will disappear
  • AI will become more prominent, and referred to as deep learning in our community
  • We will see more open data and open projects
  • The death of the fake data scientist: if you only know basic R or SQL, earned your title spending a few hours in a data science boot camp not working on any real big data project, and if your knowledge comes from free books read by millions of people, you won't easily find a job.
  • The birth of the data scientist convert: conversely and ironically (with respect to my previous point), if you are not a data scientist, maybe a biologist or physicist, but have worked on real data, are able to code, and produced value out of data, you might get a data science job easier than ever.

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