A Future-proof Architecture for Streaming Data Analytics

Get this white paper to explore future- proof strategies to leverage the steady flow of new, advanced real-time streaming analytics (RTSA) application development technologies.


  • Are you ready to reap the benefits of streaming analytics, but are worried about investing in new technology that could rapidly be surpassed or become outdated?
  • Worried how to stay ahead of the technology curve, while ensuring correct selection of an analytics platform?

The answer lies in a strategy called “future proofing.”

Learn how to build real- time streaming applications with a future-proof solution through this white paper.

In this paper, we explore the demand for streaming analytics, discuss some of the available open source engines, the challenges of adopting them, and introduce a future-proof platform that uses an integrated development environment (IDE).

Download this white paper now to find out-

  • Benefits of real- time streaming analytics (RTSA)
  • Architecture of an RTSA platform
  • How to future-proof an RTSA platform?

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