50 Useful Machine Learning & Prediction APIs

We present a list of 50 APIs selected from areas like machine learning, prediction, text analytics & classification, face recognition, language translation etc. Start consuming APIs!

As the Artificial intelligence & Machine learning based applications evolve, we see numerous mash ups of APIs to experiment with. Get started with this list of selected APIs to explore their capabilities & features in machine learning, prediction, face recognition, image processing, speech recognition etc. Check out where these APIs are put into use!


Machine Learning and Prediction

  • AlchemyAPI: Offers Artificial Intelligence as a Service. Use in transforming unstructured data into structured especially in social media monitoring, business intelligence, content recommendations, financial trading and targeted advertising.
  • Alina: Machine learning as an intelligence-as-a-service provider. A live mashup that consumes Alina demonstrates the API's ability to use genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks to analyze historical Bitcoin price fluctuations to predict and automate future trading.
  • Amazon Machine Learning: To find patterns in data. Example uses of this API are applications for fraud detection, forecasting demand, targeted marketing, and click prediction
  • BigML: BigML is a service for cloud-hosted machine learning and data analysis. Users can set up a data source, create a dataset, create a model from the dataset, and then make predictions based on the data.
  • Ersatz : a web-based machine learning program that can automate recognition tasks that previously required human interaction. The Ersatz platform can be used or model & data visualization, team collaboration, and GPU computing, all from within a browser.
  • Google Prediction: brings the power of machine learning to anyone. Upload your data and build a model to train the system by showing it the right answer for known items. When the system is trained, you can have it make predictions.
  • Guesswork: Guesswork predicts customer intent accurately using a semantic rules engine that runs on top of the Google Prediction API.
  • Hutoma: AIs are powered by a deep learning network and can be trained to understand specific topics by simply submitting a text file containing examples of conversations. Creates & Deploys Siri like interfaces.
  • IBM Watson: Select group of partner developers are exploring the cognitive capabilities or human-like capacity of Watson in areas like image recognition, language processing and reasoning services. Noted examples are "medical diagnostic apps" that read through millions of research papers and "IBM Watson Engagement Advisor" a learning app to help veterans answer complex questions.
  • IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank: uses machine learning to enhance information retrieval by looking for "signals" in a given collection of data. Developers can load their data into the service, use known relevant results to train a machine learning model
  • Imagga: an Image Recognition Platform-as-a-Service providing Image Tagging APIs for developers & businesses to build scalable, image intensive cloud apps.
  • indico: turns raw text and image data into human insights. The indico API is free to use, and no training data is required
  • NuPIC : The NuPIC API allows developers to work with the raw algorithms, string together multiple regions (including hierarchies), and utilize other platform functions.
  • PredicSis: Use PredicSis to upload a dataset, create a dictionary of variables, and design your predictive model.
  • PredictionIO: PredictionIO is an open-source machine learning server. Example API methods include creating and managing users and user records, retrieving items and content, and creating and managing recommendations based on the user.
  • Predictions: provides long-range predictions for travel and hospitality. It is powered by algorithms that ingest big data, compare all destinations at once and identify where the best conditions for vacations, sports and activities are, anywhere in the world, with months in advance.
  • RxNLP - Cluster Sentences and Short Texts: a Text Mining and Natural Language Processing service.  One of RxNLP's API's, The ClusterSentences API, can group sentences (such as sentences from multiple news articles) or short texts (such as posts from Twitter or Facebook Status Updates) into logical groups.
  • Sightcorp F.A.C.E. : a web service which allows 3rd party applications to develop smarter and interactive applications using the Face Analysis Technologies from Sightcorp. The technology may be used to better understand user behavior and retrieve relevant face analytics like their age, gender, facial expressions, head pose or ethnicity.
  • Windows Azure Machine Learning Recommendations: The Azure Machine Learning Recommendations service provides solutions based on predictive analysis. By additionally offering data to consume, the API features models, catalogs, features, usage data, and notifications with the purpose to build machine learning solutions on the cloud.
  • Wise.io: helps developers to integrate handwritten digit recognition, spam filtration, political party affiliation recognition, and activity recognition with sensor data as mentioned in the examples of the website.