Top 5 Big Data / Machine Learning Podcasts

Podcasts are probably one of the most underrated forms of communication, especially given that, for the most part, they are free. Here we have collected best of big data and machine learning podcasts.

Podcasts are probably one of the most underrated forms of communication, especially given that, for the most part, they are free. Here are my 5 favourite Big Data/Machine Learning Podcasts. Enjoy.


Do We Need Humans? – TED Radio Hour on NPR

Everyone has heard of TED Talks; the world’s leading minds speaking to an audience about what they do and what makes them tick. NPR’s publication of snippets on four Big Data TED talks, concerning whether humans will in the future become subsidiary to artificial intelligence, is fascinatingly insightful. With the relationship between machine learning and areas such as medicine and employment a key area of debate, this might be the most interesting radio piece you listen to this year. It was first aired back in 2013 but it’s discussion points are more relevant than ever.

IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

A wealth of Big Data knowledge from one of the world’s largest tech firms. Their most recent podcast sheds light on IBM’s acquisition of The Weather Company, and the impact this could have on the use of Big Data and Analytics in weather forecasting in the future.

Data Skeptic

Despite the rather unusual name, this very informative podcast is actually a promoter of Big Data and Data Science! These episodes vary between interviews with those in the know in Data Science, and then informative explanations on topics from Data Science to Artificial Intelligence.

O’Reilly Data Show

A podcast produced by one of the world’s most recognisable media firms, The O’Reilly Data Show looks to help everyone from ordinary citizens to Data Science gurus in the pursuit of data knowledge. One of the most useful features is that the key points of each podcast are transcribed onto O’Reilly’s website, so listeners can go back to read up on any details they might have missed.

Learning Machines 101

A show that specialises in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, an area which has really come into the public consciousness in the past couple of years. Styling itself as a ‘Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning,’ Dr Richard Golden guides his listeners through a range of topics and questions, including ‘How Can We Make These Devices Even Smarter?’ and how Artificial Intelligence is being taught to trade stocks on the stock market. This could be argued to be the most inclusive option of the five, as Dr Golden looks to encourage an audience varying from technology enthusiasts right up to Machine Learning engineers.

Have you got a Big Data or Machine Learning podcast that you can’t go without? Please let me know!

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