KDnuggets™ News 15:n05, Feb 11: Annual Salary Poll; 10 things statistics teaches about Big Data; Data Science Jargon

KDnuggets Annual Analytics/Data Science salary poll; 10 things statistics taught us about big data analysis; Data Science's Most Used, Confused, and Abused Jargon; Top 30 people in Big Data and Analytics; and more news, software, opinions, interviews, webcasts, courses, jobs, academic, publications, top tweets, and CFP.

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  • Analyzing Analysts to Build Better Analysis Software - Feb 10, 2015.
    Our study how analysts used Mode led to major updates designed to fit how data analysts and business analysts actually use data - there's no one-size-fits-all tool and analysis doesn't end with the analyst.
  • Two Most Important Trends in Analytics and Big Data in 2015 - Feb 6, 2015.
    In 2015, two most important trends in Analytics and Big Data are in developing countries and big data security.
  • How Many Quants are Changing Jobs? - Feb 6, 2015.
    Being a quantitative recruiter, I have had a unique perspective on the current climate and how often are Quants changing jobs? What does this mean if you're a Quant? What does this mean if you're trying to hire a Quant?
  • The Post-Hadoop World: New Kid On The Block Technologies - Feb 5, 2015.
    Big Data technology has evolved rapidly, and although Hadoop and Hive are still its core components, a new breed of technologies has emerged and is changing how we work with data, enabling more fluid ways to process, store, and manage it.
  • Analytics Outsourcing to India: Should or Shouldn't? - Feb 5, 2015.
    Outsourcing analytics talent to India will continue to grow as a trend as evidenced by the increasing number of Fortune 500 companies participating in the practice.

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  • PredictionIO: Machine Learning Evangelist - Feb 4, 2015.
    Are you passionate about machine learning and open source? Do you have the ability to engage other developers and data scientists? If yes, read on ...

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  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Feb 02-08 - Feb 9, 2015.
    Very useful: 10 things statistics teaches about #BigData analysis;
    Where's Waldo ruined by a PhD student and #MachineLearning;
    Great Tutorial: Getting Started with Apache Spark and Python;
    Clarifai Machine Learning software can understand what is in your videos.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Feb 4-5 - Feb 6, 2015.
    Clarifai #MachineLearning software can understand what is in your videos;
    #BigData Lessons From @Netflix: comparing House of Cards and Macbeth insights;
    2014 was the biggest year for #AI startups;
    Top Data Scientist @DPatil joined the #WhiteHouse as a data scientist-in-residence.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Feb 2-3 - Feb 4, 2015.
    Avoiding a Common Mistake with Time Series: use de-trending;
    A New Year in #DataScience, great overview of the #MachineLearning and #BigData;
    Data scientist memes - the 'hottest profession';
    Top Big Data Influencers and Brands.

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"Deep learning is a radical new technology, harnessing the power of the mind to endow machines with human-like intelligence, spawning a generation of humanoid robots equipped to think, feel, absorb the totality of human knowledge and colonize Alpha Centauri.", from Data Science Most Used, Confused, and Abused Jargon