KDnuggets™ News 15:n08, Mar 11: 7 common Machine Learning mistakes; Statistical Reasoning

7 common mistakes when doing Machine Learning; 10 Predictive Analytics Influencers; Kaiser Fung on Why Statistical Reasoning is more important than Number Crunching; The Elements of Data Analytic Style - checklist; KDD-2017.

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  • Alliant: SAS Programmer/Data Analyst, Direct Marketing/Credit - Mar 10, 2015.
    Support our Analytics team with responsibility for data manipulation, model scoring and report generation.
  • Civis Analytics: VP / Director of Applied Data Science - Mar 10, 2015.
    An experienced analytics leader to guide a team of client-facing data scientists, who work with intelligent organizations in healthcare, media, education, and other domains, and build cloud-based tools to do Data Science better.
  • VEIC: Energy Data Analysts - Mar 10, 2015.
    Work closely with clients to develop and maintain analytical tools that derive useful information from data sources like Smart Meter, sub-meter data, etc. in support of efficiency projects. Apply by Mar 23.
  • PeerIQ: Credit Quant - Mar 6, 2015.
    Developing statistical and quantitative models to support prepayment, default and loss forecasting; Basel and CCAR; pricing and valuation; and other economic calculations.
  • Criteo: Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning - Mar 5, 2015.
    Outstanding machine learning research scientists to contribute to Criteo in driving the future of ad targeting, personalization, content extraction, content matching and other prediction problems.

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  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Mar 2-8 - Mar 9, 2015.
    How #PayPal uses #DeepLearning and detective work to fight #fraud;
    Beginning #deeplearning with 500 lines of Julia;
    Processing frameworks for Hadoop and 6 categories in the #Hadoop Ecosystem;
    KDnuggets Poll results: #Analytics, #DataMining, #DataScience salary income by region.

  • Chapter Download from "Data Mining Techniques" - Mar 9, 2015.
    Download this chapter from "Data Mining Techniques" (3rd Edition), by Gordon Linoff and Michael Berry, and learn how to create derived variables, which allow the statistical modeling process to incorporate human insights.
  • Hurwitz: Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics - Mar 5, 2015.
    New book from Judith Hurwitz and associates on Cognitive Computing is a comprehensive guide to the subject, providing both the theoretical and practical guidance technologists need.

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I think [Intelligence] is just the product of a few principles that will be considered very simple in hindsight, so simple that even kids will be able to understand and build intelligent, continually learning, more and more general problem solvers. Juergen Schmidhuber, Juergen Schmidhuber AMA: The Principles of Intelligence and Machine Learning