KDnuggets™ News 15:n11, Apr 15: Big Data Predictive Analytics Gainers & Losers; Awesome Public Datasets

Awesome Public Datasets on GitHub; Gold Mine or Blind Alley? Functional Programming for Machine Learning; Inside Deep Learning - Convolutional networks; KDnuggets Free Pass to Strata Hadoop World London.

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  • NREL: Senior Scientist Computational Statistics - Apr 10, 2015.
    Work with NREL scientists by introducing modern statistical methodologies in the research and analysis of large-scale temporal datasets, laboratory data, mathematical models, and simulations related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Columbia University: Director of Analysis and Reporting - Apr 8, 2015.
    Lead research and assessment through strategic analytics to support Columbia College, provide leadership and technical guidance to manage research needs around design, analysis, benchmarking and reporting.
  • Cox: Manager, Advanced Analytics - Apr 3, 2015.
    Identify and work on high-impact business and marketing problems and develop viable solutions through data analysis, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics techniques.

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  • UMass Amherst Big Data Report - Apr 13, 2015.
    New report from UMass Amherst covers the strength of Massachusetts and UMass 5 campuses in Big Data and Data Science, and projects 120K Big Data related jobs in Mass by 2018.
  • Wikibon Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast, 2020 - Apr 11, 2015.
    Wikibon finds that Big Data market is maturing, with growth rate slowing from 60% in 2013 to 40% in 2014. Wikibon expects the Big Data market to top $61 billion in 2020.
  • Women Analytics Book Authors - Meta List - Apr 6, 2015.
    Meta Brown is mission to promote accomplished women in analytics - her catalog includes hundreds of women who published books on many analytics topics - useful for finding experts to present at your event, comment on an issue or work for you.
  • Chapter Download from "Data Mining Techniques" (3rd edition) - Apr 2, 2015.
    Download this chapter from "Data Mining Techniques" (3rd Edition), by Gordon Linoff and Michael Berry, and learn how to create derived variables, which allow the statistical modeling process to incorporate human insights.
  • Hadoop as a Service: 18 Cloud Options - Apr 2, 2015.
    Hadoop as a service in the cloud makes big data applications and projects easier to approach and these 18 platforms each provide their own unique solutions.

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  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 6-13 - Apr 14, 2015.
    Languages have more "happy" words than unhappy;
    5 most popular #similarity measures implementation in Python;
    Brilliant! Dilbert on Resume embellishing: if engineer, fire him;
    if marketer ...;
    Top programming languages change rapidly: SQL, C#, C++ down, Python, Node.js up.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 2-5: The Data Science ecosystem - Apr 6, 2015.
    The #datascience ecosystem part 2: Data wrangling useful tools and tips;
    10 R Packages to Win Kaggle Competitions;
    Forrester Wave #BigData Predictive #Analytics Solutions 2015, gainers, losers;
    How Microsoft uses Big Data to predict traffic jams in advance.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Mar 30 - Apr 01 - Apr 2, 2015.
    Very useful! Data Visualization with ggplot2 Cheat Sheet;
    Great Data Science resource: Intro to Statistics using Python, Pandas;
    14 Best Python Pandas Features;
    Data Science shows why taxis can never compete.

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"An approximate answer to the right problem is worth a good deal more than an exact answer to an approximate problem." - John Tukey