Data ScienceTech Institute, online (off-campus) education, starting March 2016

Data ScienceTech Institute announces the upcoming online education, allowing off-campus education in its programs MSc Data Scientist Designer and MSc Executive Big Data Analyst.

It’s with great pleasure that dsti-250Data ScienceTech Institute, via its Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board, is announcing the upcoming of HD telepresence technology in our campuses, allowing us to open both programmes off-campus, with live cast over the web, allowing distant students to stay at home while following our programmes.

HD telepresence is an investment showing our continuous commitment to providing innovation in Big Data and Data Science Higher Education from France to the world.

And for re-enforcing this commitment, every admitted applicant (on-campus or off-campus) for the Spring 2016 entry will get a first-level scholarship, helping with a 20% off tuition fees.

The job market is desperate to find properly trained Data Scientist and Big Data Analysts: this global first-level scholarship is our contribution, thanks to the support of our partners and notably the latest: bpifrance (French Public Investment Bank) which is supporting DSTI through its innovations and research projects (soon to be announced!)

Online education


We have equipped both of our campuses with telepresence equipment and advanced software, including smart, interactive and digital whiteboards of the latest technology for amazing end-to-end exchange of knowledge.

All off-campus students are given accounts to join the classes.

Whether you live in London, Cape Town, Hyderabad or Bangkok, you can follow are programmes directly in your laptop in the comfort of your own home (DSL connection required).

Classes are recorded and recordings are made available to all on replay.

Off-campus students are enrolled identically to on-campus students, get allocated an “Identifiant National Étudiant” (INE - French National Student Identification number) and receive an enrolment certificate & student card by post.

Visa: Being an online student doesn’t require to apply to a student visa.

Programmes' content?

The 1,200 hrs of tuition are identical in both mode, and online students are following classes with their on-campus classmates.

Industrial projects and placements cannot be guaranteed.

Tuition fees
€16,000 for a whole programme, and every admitted applicant gets a 20% first-level scholarship for March 2016, hence €12,800 for the full programme

Fees are paid every two months in advance (w/exc. of the initial down payment for securing your enrolment)

For the March 2016 entry, the bi-monthly instalments will be circa 1,200€

You get access to online DSTI facilities (Safari Books subscriptions, Industrial Partners software, etc.) but not to our fabulous campuses, nor industrial placement support for internships and part-time jobs.

You can, however, be employed as an intern, under a French Higher Education Internship Agreement, even if you are working abroad, anywhere in the world, knowing that

French Labour Law enforces that an internship cannot be longer than 6 months full-time (12 months part-time) with the same employer.

Two, or many internships can be done with different employers.
DSTI won’t provide industrial support in finding these internships abroad, but will provide its usual support with administrative processes and liaising with your employer.


Online students get access to 33% scholarships. Scholarship application remains the same (please refer to the website)

For the March 2016 entry, assuming the admitted students have secured a 33% scholarship, the bi-monthly instalments will be circa 800€.


DSTI Board of Directors has decided to offer, in lieu of a laptop, 800€ travel voucher to each off-campus students, so that they can come to France and follow one course of their choice with their classmates in France.

And when classes are shared across both programmes, you would be able to choose whether to come to Paris or Nice Sophia-Antipolis!

Education quality and programmes’ aims

The high quality of our MSc programmes is our main focus.
Except from support with industrial placements, no other terms are changing: cohorts won’t be bigger than 30 students, regardless of being on or off-campus.

All students have the benefits of the Teaching Chairs such as SAS, ebiznext, Amazon AWS or NVIDIA.

You will graduate at the same time as your classmates on-campus, will take the same mandatory professional certification exams (SAS, AWS) and will be awarded the same degree & certificate of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Applications are open so do run to our website and apply! And if you have already been admitted for the last October 2015 but couldn’t make it, your admission is still valid: just contact us!

Application form stays the same, just make sure to select the “OFF CAMPUS” programmes.