GraphDB Webinars from Ontotext: Data Visualization, Graph Analytics

Two upcoming webinars show how to use the powerful GraphDB from Ontotext: Powerful Searches and Data Visualization in Graph Database (Jan 28) and Transforming your Graph Analytics with GraphDB (Feb 4). Check also GraphDB free version.

Ontotext - Making Sense of Text and Data

Live Webinars

Behind the Powerful Searches and Data Visualization in Graph Database

Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 8am PT
11am ET | 4pm GM
Looking at data as a connected graph creates multiple possibilities for exploration. This webinar is the guide book. It will take participants on an 1-hour ride from setting up a database and importing data as a graph to querying and browsing data, and eventually turning it into a visual masterpiece so that it can be explored from any point of view.

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GraphDB Fundamentals: Transforming your Graph Analytics with GraphDB  

Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 8am PT
11am ET | 4pm GMT
If you are new to graph analytics and GraphDB; if you are struggling with the basics such as RDF graph data models, SPARQL query language, the difference between RDFS and RDF, the nature of OWL, installing, configuring and fine-tuning the GraphDB database, loading data and applying various tools for performance optimization, then this 2-hour training is a good place to start. Our partners at Keen Analytics will discuss the A to Z of using GraphDB in order to utilise its full potential and meet any given analytics goals.

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GraphDB Free Release


Back in December, Ontotext welcomed a new member of the GraphDB family - GraphDB Free.

It is our honest effort to make analysing interconnected data easier, while at the same time maintaining full functionality at no cost.


If you are looking for a rewarding experience of making your data work for you by automatically extracting new facts from it, GraphDB Free is your ticket.


Download GraphDB Free