5 ways to master uplift modeling

At PAW for Business in San Francisco, April 3-7, uplift modeling will be covered in three sessions and one workshop - plus, check out an on-topic article by PAW founder Eric Siegel.

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Growing numbers of marketing departments, political campaigns, and healthcare institutions are adopting uplift modeling - also known as persuasion modeling and net lift modeling. This advanced technique identifies the individuals most likely to be positively influenced by a treatment. This is a step beyond standard traditional response modeling.

At Predictive Analytics World for Business in San Francisco, April 3-7, 2016, uplift modeling will be covered in three sessions and one workshop - plus, check out an on-topic article by PAW founder Eric Siegel.

Uplift Modeling Learning Opportunities
  1. SESSION - Uplift Modeling: Optimize for Influence and Persuade by the Numbers
    Presented by Eric Siegel, Conference Founder, Predictive Analytics World
    In this session, Eric Siegel will provide an introduction to this growing area, revealing how uplift models predict the influence on an individual's behavior gained by choosing one treatment over another. This will be illustrated in part with a U.S. Bank case study.
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  2. SESSION - Applying Next Generation Uplift Modeling to Optimize Customer Retention Programs
    Presented by Patrick Surry, Chief Data Scientist, Hopper
    This session shows how the 7th largest mobile operator, Telenor, applied uplift modeling to optimize retention programs and improve results by 36% in comparison to traditional analytic practices. Discover how you can maximize results with uplift models, measuring the incremental change in behavior and cutting costs of retention programs.
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  3. SESSION - Leveraging an Erroneous Treatment. Did We Wake Sleeping Dogs, Reactivate Engagement or Do Nothing at All?
    Presented by: Jim Porzak, Principal, DS4CI.org and Ming Ng, Principal Data Scientist, LinkedIn
    At this session, you'll learn from a case study from Lynda.com, a LinkedIn company, to see how to measure the change in behavior as it related to an erroneous treatment. Witness how these practitioners strategically deployed uplift modeling principles.
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  4. FULL-DAY WORKSHOP - Uplift Models: Optimizing the Impact of Your Marketing
    Instructed by Kim Larsen, Director of Client Algorithms, Stitch Fix
    This workshop demonstrates how to build Net Lift Models that optimize the incremental impact of marketing campaigns, covering the pros and cons of various core analytical approaches.
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  5. ARTICLE: Personalization is Back: How to Drive Influence by Crunching Numbers
    By Eric Siegel, Ph.D., Founder, Predictive Analytics World
    In this article, Siegel explores what uplift modeling is, how it is different from standard predictive models, and why it is important. He also provides resources for learning from the success stories of uplift modeling deployment at well-known businesses.
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