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Eric will be delivering his keynote as part of the PAW Business San Francisco agenda on Weird Science: How to Know Your Predictive Discovery Is Not BS. Save with code KDN150.

Eric Siegel Headshot Predictive Analytics World founder, Dr. Eric Siegel, Ph.D. will be a keynote speaker at this spring's Predictive Analytics World for Business conference (April 3-7, 2016 in San Francisco). Eric is the Executive Editor of The Predictive Analytics Times, author of Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die (his revised and updated book was published last week and is available here), a former Columbia University professor and leader in the predictive analytics field.

Eric will be delivering his keynote as part of the PAW Business San Francisco agenda.

KEYNOTE - Weird Science: How to Know Your Predictive Discovery Is Not BS
"An orange used car is least likely to be a lemon." At least that's what was claimed by The Seattle Times, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal. However, this discovery has since been debunked as inconclusive. As data gets bigger, so does a common pitfall in the application of standard stats: Testing many predictors means taking many small risks of being fooled by randomness, adding up to one big risk. John Elder calls this issue vast search. In this keynote, PAW founder Eric Siegel will cover this issue and provide guidance on tapping data's potential without drawing false conclusions.

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Eric will also offer the following regular breakout session for those looking for an introduction to uplift modeling:

SESSION - Uplift Modeling: Optimize for Influence and Persuade by the Numbers
Data driven decisions are meant to maximize impact - right? Well, the only way to optimize influence is to predict it. The analytical method to do this is called uplift modeling (aka, persuasion modeling). This is a completely different animal from standard predictive models, which predict customer behavior. Instead, uplift models predict the influence on an individual's behavior gained by choosing one treatment over another.

In this session, PAW founder Eric Siegel provides an introduction to this growing area to prepare newcomers for this PAW event's other two sessions and full-day training workshop on the topic:


Learn more about the full PAW Business San Francisco conference.


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