AI + ML + NLP = Virtual Assistant Summit, Jan 28-29, San Francisco

AI, machine learning, speech recognition and NLP technologies are converging to allow creation of Intelligent Virtual Assistants, explored in the first ever Virtual Assistant Summit, Jan 28-29, in SF. Use code KDNUGGETS to save 20% off.

Thanks to recent advancements in AI and machine learning methods such as speech recognition and NLP, tech analysts have predicted that 2016 will be the year of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

The first ever Rework Virtual Assistant 2016 Virtual Assistant Summit will take place this month, on 28-29 January, in San Francisco. The event is a unique opportunity to interact with business leaders, influential data scientists and entrepreneurs creating next-generation intelligent virtual assistants. Discover advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning methods including speech recognition, natural language understanding and computer-human interaction from the world's leading innovators.

The summit will take place alongside the 4th global Deep Learning Summit, a sell-out meeting of experts in the popular branch of machine learning. Speakers include leading engineers and founders from notable companies including, Microsoft Cortana, SRIInternational, Amazon Echo, Jibo, MindMeld, Kasisto, Robin Labs and many more, as well as exciting new startups.

Sessions and topics at the Virtual Assistant Summit will include:
  • Humanizing an AI Meeting Scheduling Agent - and Why it Matters
  • From Virtual Assistants to Virtual Specialists
  • Creating a Socially Adaptive Virtual Assistant
  • Intelligent Agents: from Space to Healthcare
  • How to Enhance Productivity of Enterprise with Virtual Agents
  • Natural Language Understanding and Virtual Agent Communication

The agenda will explore the technical advancements bringing intelligent virtual assistants to reality such as speech and gesture recognition and natural language processing. We'll also be discussing the practical applications of virtual agents for example in healthcare, the home and in finance.

At this interdisciplinary summit, leading industry figures, researchers and exciting new startups will come tougher to present their latest insights into developing, advancing and applying virtual assistants to have a positive impact on society and business.

Confirmed speakers include:

Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder of, a company that is applying Artificial Intelligence to solve for a singular problem - that of scheduling meetings. At the summit he will will discuss why the company chose the AI path and how they have successfully humanized their virtual assistant Amy.

Deborah Harrison, Editorial Writer at Microsoft, is one of the original architects of the personality for Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana. She crafted the core principles that define Cortana's approach to communication, and now helps shepherd those principles as the AI spreads outside of Microsoft to other devices, on other operating systems, and in other countries.

Ilya Eckstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Robin Labs, a Silicon Valley startup aiming to push the boundaries of conversational AI. At the summit this month, Ilya will focus on the importance on personalization as a means to human-machine bonding and explain why the notion of a one-size-fits-all assistant is a contradiction in terms.

Tim Tuttle, CEO and Founder of MindMeld (formerly known as Expect Labs), a voice technology startup backed by Google, Samsung, and Intel. MindMeld has been widely recognized as a leader in the field of anticipatory computing and was named by MIT Technology Review as one of the world's "50 Smartest Companies".

Luca Rigazio, Director of Engineering at Panasonic Silicon Valley Laboratory, is specialized in autonomous systems. His focus is to give these machines a human touch, and allow humans access to their raw power without the hurdles of talking their language.

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Rework Virtual Assistant 2016

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