Big Data 2016: Top Influencers and Brands

Onalytica gives us a new list of the top 100 Big Data influencers and brands, and provides some insight into both the relationships between influencers and their selection methodology.

Onalytica, a firm which specializes in social network analysis and influencer relationship software, recently released their latest Top 100 Big Data Influencers and Brands Report. The report not only lists the top 100 in each category but also graphically explores the relationships between them. As would be expected of an organization which specializes in this kind of data analysis, Onalytica has also shared their selection methodology in this informative blog post.

The report's website shares a list of the top 50 in each category (influencers and brands), while the downloadable full report contains the top 100. As a taste of what to expect, here is a list of the Top 20 Influencers:

RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@KirkDBorneKirk BorneBooz Allen Hamilton100
2@craigbrownphdCraig Brown, Ph.D.Consultant86.15
3@Ronald_vanLoonRonald van LoonAdvertisement31.46
4@kdnuggetsGregory PiatetskyKDnuggets26.29
5@EvanSinarEvan SinarDevelopment Dimensions International23.57
6@JimHarrisJim HarrisStrategic Advantage22.82
7@bobehayesBob E. Hayes, PhDAnalyticsWeek22.57
8@billfranksgaBill FranksAnalytics Consulting14.35
9@VanRijmenamMark van RijmenamDatafloq12.67
10@simonlporterSimon PorterIBM11.03
11@insideBigDataRichard BruecknerinsideHPC Media10.75
12@DiegoKuonenDr. Diego KuonenStatoo Consulting10.58
13@GilPressGil PressgPress9.6
14@robertoglezcanoRoberto A. GonzálezSan Pablo University8.95
15@schmarzoBill SchmarzoEMC8.46
16@dr_mortonMorten MiddelfartGenomic Expression Inc8.18
17@jladleyJohn LadleyFirst San Francisco Partners7.34
18@tamaradullTamara DullSAS7.14
19@delizaldeDaniel ElizaldeStem6.7
20@EXAGoloMathias GolombekEXASOL6.1

Below is a graph of the relationships between the top influencers (a similar graph exists on Onalytica's website for top brands). Click to enlarge.

Top influencer relationship graph
Top Influencer Relationships Graph (click to enlarge).

Onalytica also reached out to some of the top influencers for exclusive insight into what 2016 may hold for Big Data, and included some of this feedback as quotes. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist with Booz Allen Hamilton and #1 ranked influencer, had this to say:

Big Data has moved beyond its original hype phase, and even beyond its concept phase, and is now entering the productization and monetization phase. Every organization that is collecting vast sums of data now see that as an asset to generate better outcomes: new discoveries, improved decisions, and innovative products.

Richard Bruekner, President of InsideHPC Media, shares the following:

When I first started writing about Big Data some five years ago, I thought it was about the search for a needle in a haystack. Now it’s clear to me that breakthrough analytic discoveries often have little to do with what you thought you were looking for.

And KDnuggets' own Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro had the following to say:

Big Data, GPUs, and better algorithms will make 2016 a breakout year for Deep Learning, which will achieve human or superhuman performance in many areas, with a focus on speech, image, and video recognition and analysis.

There is much more exclusive insight shared on Onalytics site, so visit and have a look for yourself. You might even find another KDnuggets writer included further on down the list.

A list of the top 20 brands follows:

RankTwitter HandleNameInfluencer Score
7@techreviewMIT Tech Review12.25
8@SmartDataCoSmartData Collective11.89
15@Data_InformedData Informed9.71
17@IDCAPIDC Asia Pacific9.19
18@AllAnalyticsAll Analytics9.07
19@HPAutonomyHP Autonomy8.83
20@InformaticaCorpInformatica Corp.8.61

The full report can be downloaded from Onalytica's website.

Bio: Matthew Mayo is a computer science graduate student currently working on his thesis parallelizing machine learning algorithms. He is also a student of data mining, a data enthusiast, and an aspiring machine learning scientist.