2nd Annual Global Predictive Analytics Conference, March 7-9, Santa Clara

Global Predictive Analytics conference features sharing real world experiences, how to create a balanced predictive analytics team, new methods used in predictive analytics across multiple industry verticals, Panel Sessions, Keynotes and workshop. Use code KDNUGGETS to save.

Global Predictive Analytics conference, March 7-9 2016, Santa Clara

Global Big Data Conference, the leading vendor agnostic conference, is organizing its 2nd Annual Global Predictive Analytics conference on March 7-9 2016 at Santa Clara Convention Center. Global Predictive Analytics Conference emphasizes on sharing real world experiences, how to create a balanced big predictive analytics team, new methods used in predictive analytics across multiple industry verticals, Panel Sessions, Keynote Sessions and workshop.

Who’s Speaking?

  • Moving to Advanced Analytics and Modeling Techniques (Aleksandr Vayner, VP Technologies, Equifax)
  • Predictive Analytics Across Sales, Marketing, Order Management, Customer Support at VMWare (Parag Chitalia, Director, VMware)
  • The Last Mile: Driving Continuous Business Results Through Data Science (Sheridan Hitchens, VP, Data Products, Auction.Com)
  • Role of Spark in transforming eBay’s Enterprise Data Platform (Seshu Adunuthula, Director, EBay)
  • Adding a Predictive Layer to your Data-Driven Marketing (Amanda Kahlow, CEO, 6sense)
  • Predicting the Extent and Cost of Online Attacks to Help Sell Security Software (Lawrence Cowan, Partner, Cicero Group)
  • Predictive Analytics for Customer-Centric Commerce at eBay (Ranjan Sinha, Data Science Team Lead, EBay)
  • A new era of columnar in-memory analytics (Tomer Shiran, CEO, Dremio)
  • Use Case: Crowdsourced LinkedIn- and Facebook-based research (Boris Bershadsky, Director,Outcomes Analytics, University Of Minnesota)
  • Predictive Analytics with R & Python Workshop (Anusua Trivedi, Data Scientist, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC))
  • An Analytics Odyssey: From Predictive to Cognitive (Piyush Malik, Director, IBM)
  • What your CMO needs to know about predictive analytics (Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond The Arc)
  • Crossing the Digital Chasm - Applying Advanced Analytics to Acquiring, Nurturing and Retaining Customers (Vishwa Kolla, VP, John Hancock Financial)
  • Operationalizing Analytics: 10 Key Process Areas for Embedding Predictive Analytics into Business Operations, Applications and Machines (Kenneth Elliott, Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • Application of Machine Learning for data-driven sales forecasting (Venkat Rangan, Chief Technology Officer, Clari)
  • User Analytics at GoPro (Jules Malin, Manager, GoPro & Wesley Pasfield, Manager, GoPro)
  • Building and Deploying Predictive Models for Real-time IoT Solutions (James Casaletto, Hadoop Solution Architect, MapR Technologies)
  • Going Beyond Numbers: Creating Business Value from Unstructured Data (Mahesh Kumar, CEO, Tiger Analytics)
  • Simplicity: Building a Winning Model with Open Source Tools (Nery Castillo-Mcintyre, HR, SanDisk)
  • Predictive analytics for startups: perfecting your secret sauce without going broke (Matt Bentley, Founder, CanIRank SEO Software)
  • Zero to One for analytics at a Startup (Anurag Kapoor, Analytics Leader, Nerdwallet)
  • Understand the Analytic Imperative Behind Big Data - Why the standard understanding of big data (4V's) is wrong and why it matters for analysts (Gary Angel, Director, EY)

Who Should Attend

Chief Analytics Officer, CEO, SVP/VP, C-Level, Director, Global Head, Manager, Decision-makers,  Business Executives, Analysts, Project managers, Analytics managers, Data Scientist, Statistician, Sales, Marketing, human resources, Engineers, Developers, Architects, Networking specialists, Students, Professional Services, Data Analyst, BI Developer/Architect, QA, Performance Engineers, Data Warehouse Professional, Sales, Pre-Sales, Technical Marketing, PM, Teaching Staff,  Delivery Manager and other line-of-business executives

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