Interconnecting World Open Data Portals, Mar 8 Webinar

Join OpenDataSoft for a web conference to contribute to building the next evolution of the List of 1600 Open Data portals worldwide, dubbed Open Data Inception by its creators.

By OpenDataSoft.

An exhaustive and comprehensive list of worldwide open data portals - Les portails open data dans le monde

Tuesday, March 8th at 12:00 p.m. EST (New York City);

9:00 a.m. San Francisco, 5:00 p.m. London

The date and times listed above, as well as the following article, relate to the English version of this webinar. Please click here for more information on the version of this webinar presented in French.


Join OpenDataSoft for a web conference to contribute to building the next evolution of the List of 1600 Open Data portals worldwide, dubbed Open Data Inception by its creators.

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Calling all members of the Open Data Community!

Last November, the OpenDataSoft team launched the Open Data Inception project, or the

list of 1,600 Open Data portals Worldwide.

Open Data Inception was born out of a recurring question: “Where can I find clean and usable open data?”

The idea of creating a single unified resource bringing together all of the open data portals worldwide rapidly emerged; making this list accessible in Open Data became an innate aspect of the project.

The Open Data Community’s Response

The global Open Data community immediately jumped on board with Open Data Inception. Since its launch, there have been over 12,000 unique visits to the list of Open Data portals around the world, in addition to thousands shares and tens of thousands of interactions on social media.

Open Data Inception also received countless contributions from the community for its improvement: geo-localized data were improved, portals were added, and dead links were fixed.

Thanks to this crowdsourcing, the OpenDataSoft team made the project stronger than we had ever thought possible.

The list of open data portals worldwide was also made available on a dedicated website: This site allows users to discover Open Data portals close to home using a geographic navigation feature. was entirely coded using an open-source widget library.

A New Chapter

The community’s enthusiasm highlighted the need to easily discover and explore open data portals. In focusing on clear access to information, Open Data Inception has brushed the dust of older projects.

OpenDataSoft is now hoping to take the project even further and create a system to index the Open Data portals worldwide.

This new version of Open Data Inception will aim to provide data producers and Open Data portal administrators the most simple and efficient indexing reference possible.

Whatever the technology of the portals may be, they all will find a place within an accessible, interoperable, and unified network.


In order to index the Open Data portals worldwide, OpenDataSoft will:

  • Create a standardized model of metadata; there’s already a metadata schema for datasets, but not for portals themselves; we thus propose a variation of the file ‘robots.txt’, specifically created for Open Data portals;
  • Create an Open Data Inception crawler that will regularly browse these metadata and synchronize new portals into a unified dataset, and open to all.

Interconnecting the Open Data portals worldwide

This standardization can only be done with the participation of the entire Open Data community: data producers, local decision makers, actors in the technical ecosystem, associations pushing for Open Data, etc.

The OpenDataSoft team would therefore like to invite the Open Data community to a webinar entirely dedicated to the Open Data Inception initiative, in order to discuss and receive feedback from the community on what we have found after testing out these ideas on the small-scale. From there, we will show the community how they can take part in this initiative.

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